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Roaming is a convenient service that allows you to enjoy most of the features and services available on your mobile device while you're travelling overseas. Whether visiting the Caribbean or elsewhere, you can take your Flow mobile with you wherever you go. While Roaming is considered a premium service, our attractive Travel Pass Pre-paid and Data plans help you to reduce your roaming costs while still enjoying the ease and convenience of using your mobile phone while you are travelling in 40 countries. You can also access add-on data to share all your experiences with family and friends. Flow lets you talk, post, share and stay connected while abroad.


Attractive plans are also available for our Post-Paid plans.


my roaming
bolt on
MyPlan Base Destination Monthly Charge
30 minutes To USA or Flow  
30 SMS Anywhere Roaming $19.95
30 MB Data Data  


my roaming
data bolt on
500 MB 1 GB
$100.00 $150.00


  1. Prices are in United States dollars. Tax from your home country may be added as applicable.
  2. Calls are billed per minute and are rounded up to the next whole minute.
  3. “Home rate” means that the call will be charged as though you had made or received the call in Anguilla. Flow mobile countries are: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT), Turks & Caicos.
  4. Note that calls to voicemail will be billed at the price for “Call any Flow mobile country.”
  5. GPRS access may not be available in all roaming locations. GPRS prices are billed per Kilobyte of usage.
  6. Check with our customer service team to see if your phone can roam in the country to which you are travelling.
  7. Receive an SMS: Free.
  8. Roaming in Japan : To roam in Japan, all you need is your Flow mobile SIM card and a handset compatible with SoftBank’s local network. These special handsets are available for rental at Tokyo’s Narita airport, Osaka’s Kansai airport or SoftBank’s Tokyo office. For more information on roaming in Japan, send inquires to inquires@vodafone-rental.jp or call +813.5114.8420
  9. Prepaid customers : Be sure to TopUp before you travel. Check our Web site for information on your TopUp options.
Minimize bill shock: Get some tips on how to reduce your roaming charges while traveling. View Now.


out of plan
roaming rates
  Per Min
Receive calls FREE
Calls to Home $0.49
Calls to USA $0.49
Calls to Anywhere Else $0.99
Text Anywhere $0.19
Data per MB $0.49


Roaming Tips

Fact: Voice services, including voicemail and incoming calls, which LIME offers free of charge at home, will attract a cost when you are travelling.

Tip: Once you have finished using a programme or an application select “close” on the main menu.

Fact: Any webpage or data application such as your internet browser, Facebook or map applications which are not closed after use, will continue to transfer data or generate roaming costs.

Fact: Voice services, including voicemail and incoming calls, which LIME offers free of charge at home, will attract a cost when you are travelling.

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