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First, turn your mobile on. After a few seconds, your mobile should automatically select a network. Your mobile is then ready to use. If your mobile does not automatically select a network, then you will need to do a manual network selection. To do a manual network selection, just scroll through the mobile menu options to network Selection and select Manual. Then select the Flow mobile partner listed.

Any unanswered call while roaming will be forward to your voice mail box. Once the caller records a message you will receive a message waiting indicator (an envelope icon).

To retrieve a message:

  1. Your Own Mobile telephone number
  2. Press the * (asterisk) key as soon as your recorded greeting begins, and then follow the voice prompts to input your password, and play your messages.

Please note that when roaming to one of the locations in the Caribbean where Flow operates and Trinidad & Tobago, and your phone is switched on there is no charge for the messages that are delivered to your voice mail, you are only charged for the retrieval of messages.

If your are roaming anywhere outside of these location and your phone is switched on, if you have not deactivated the feature to call forward all calls, to voicemail and a call goes to voicemail, you will be charged for the delivery of the call to you abroad and then for the delivery back to your voicemail. You will also be charged for the retrieval of your voicemail message when you retrieve it.

You can use the online chat and email services for free from any country. Alternatively if you want to speak to an agent the number to call is +1800 804 2994. Remember this call will not be charged as an international roaming call.

You will need to activate roaming before you leave your home country. Please use our contact pages online to let us know before you go roaming. We will make sure that everythig is activated on your account and you will then be able to use your phone abroad.

For postpaid customers security deposits may be required but there are no monthly subscription fees for roaming access on either prepaid or postpaid service.

You can send text messages just as you would in your home country. Just use +1 and the three digit country code number as you would in your home country.

Most networks will allow you to send and receive text messages while you are travelling. It is FREE to receive a text message.

The great news is you use your FLOW phone when travelling in FLOW Caribbean countries and pay the same rates as if you were calling from home. Call any FLOW Caribbean number and pay your local rate only. This means that you can call any number back home and pay your local rate only.

This applies only in FLOW Caribbean countries: Anguilla; Antigua & Barbuda; BVI; Barbados; Cayman Islands; Dominica; Grenada; Jamaica; Montserrat; St Kitts & Nevis; St Lucia; St Vincent & Grenadines; Turks & Caicos & Trinidad & Tobago.

Normal roaming rates apply when travelling in other destinations or calling numbers that are not on a FLOW network.

Calls while roaming are billed per minute. The charges for these calls will appear on your monthly bill. This may differ for calls under Home Rate Roaming. Kindly refer to the section on Home Rate Roaming to find out more.

Handsets are categorized according to the following:

  1. Dual Band - refers to the capability of GSM network infrastructure and handsets to operate across two frequency bands. This type of handset works in most of the Caribbean, USA and Canada.
  2. Tri Band: A tri-band mobile will operate on three different frequencies; depending on the available network. This handset will work in Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Europe and the UK.
  3. Quad Band: A quad band handset is operational on any of the four GSM frequencies. This is the ultimate global handset works anywhere in the world, provided we have a Roaming agreement with that country.

Note: Check that your phone battery is fully charged before you, travel and be sure to take along a power charger. For some countries you may require a power converter to change from 100V to 220V

For calls within the roaming area, simply dial 1, the area code and telephone number.
For international calls, dial the international (0 or 011) plus the area code and telephone number.
For some cities, you may have to drop the 0 which comes before the country code E.g. for England, drop the 0 before the 4

Roaming lets you make and receive calls, send sms and exchange data outside of your home country.
With roaming, you never have to change your number and you can be easily reached in most places in the world.
Please refer to the roaming section of the Flow website to view the destinations where roaming is available.