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Your pictures, videos, files, contacts, and calendar are secured in your MyCloud account.The mobile app automatically uploads to the cloud all pictures and videos taken with the device, starting from when the app is installed and launched the first time. It is also possible to selectively upload other pictures and videos taken in the past or while the app was not active, through the proper command in the menu. For files, the app secures to the cloud all those contained in the MyCloud folder of the device.For contacts and calendar, the app considers the items linked to the MyCloud account.It is possible to control through the Settings panel if the refresh with the cloud should happen automatically or be manually triggered, if on Wi-Fi only or on mobile network as well, and if some of the sources have to be temporary deactivated.

MyCloud offers Applications for the most popular smartphone, tablet and computer platforms: o Android (2.x, 3.x and 4.x) smartphone and tablet - available on the Android Market o iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 4 and 5) - available on the Apple App Store

You need to login to the application on your device. During registration, you will be required to provide an email account. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation text with your pass code. This pass code will be required to login to their MyCloud account.

When you sign up for MyPlan Postpaid data plan, you have an option to activate a free allowance of MyCloud storage.

You will be able to continue accessing your account and maintaining your content, but you will be restricted from uploading new content until you have available space.

No. Customers may only be signed up for a MyCloud account when they subscribe to a minimum 500MB MyPlan Postpaid data plan. Customers will only be able to sign in to their MyCloud account via the portal or mobile App using the login details provided in the SMS.

Your MyCloud account will remain active for up to 30 days to allow you to transfer your data from the cloud. You will receive an email reminder about your accounts expiry a few days before the expiry date. After 30 days the MyCloud account will be deleted.

Yes. Your MyCloud account will remain active until you make a request to cease the service or until you cease your MyPlan Postpaid data plan.

Your MyCloud account is linked to your service number. You may only have one MyCloud account per service number.


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