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The new Always On plans will replace the existing combo plans. The new suite will consist of 4 plans: 1, 3, 7 and 30 day options.

The new plans offer significantly more value with data allotments ranging from 1GB to 10GBs. In addition to data, the plans will also allow customers to stay connected via SWIFT Messaging without depletion from their regular data.

SWIFT is an acronym for Snapchat, Whats App, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The new plans will allow subs to use the chat/ messaging/ text aspect on these Apps. All other data use will come out of the regular data allotment on the plan.

No; the old plans will be removed on the launch day of the new plans.

Customers can call FLOW Mobile, Landlines as well as local 3rd party networks.

Yes, all of the plans carry auto renewal.

Yes – the data rolls over at the point of auto renewal. Also, if a customer activates another plan prior to auto renewal, then the mins, data and SMS will carry forward.

There are several ways to activate the new plans:

The SWIFT messaging is subject to an FUP. Visit a FLOW store to find out more.

No, the SWIFT messaging/ texts will come out of the Social media bucket and not the regular data bucket. After the SM plan has been depleted, the messaging/ texts will come out of regular data.


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