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Technical Support - Broadband

How do I use my set top box?

To use your set top box, follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure that your television is stationed on channel 3 or the video input at all times.
  2. Turning Your Television Set On and Off:
  3. Turn ON the power for your television set
  4. Turn ON your Set Top Box using the power key on your Set Top Box (STB) or Remote Control
  5. To turn OFF your STB, simply press the power button on your STB or Remote Control
  6. Channel Selection:
  7. Channels can be selected from using the CHAN "UP" and "DOWN" arrow keys on your STB or
  8. Remote Control (remote controls vary).
  9. Volume Control:
  10. When you press the VOL < > keys on your STB or Remote Control the VOLUME bar displays on your screen and you can increase or decrease the volume to suit your comfort level.

How do I program my favourite channels?

To program your favourite channels, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the MENU key
  4. Navigate through the line up highlight your favourite channel(s) and press SELECT after each selection
  5. Press ENTER when you have completed your selection(s)
  6. Turn your set-top box off and then on again and your favourite channels are now selected
  7. To view your favourite channels simply press FAV button and navigate

What can I do to safeguard against hurricanes?

Follow the steps below to help safeguard against damage during a hurricane:

  1. Unplug your television from the electrical outlet on the wall
  2. Cover your television in plastic and if necessary place it in a secure area in your home
  3. Unplug your SET TOP BOX from the electrical outlet on the wall
  4. Use the excess cable from the outlet on the wall and wrap it around the SET TOP BOX
  5. Place your SET TOP BOX, excess cable and remote control in a plastic bag, doubling it for extra security
  6. Secure your box against the wall until the passage of the storm

Why is there a buzzing sound coming from my TV?

It’s important to note that the volume on your television should be turned to the mid-way level manually or by using the television remote control. Volume adjustments thereafter should be done using the volume control on your STB only. If the volume on your television set is too high it will create a buzzing sound.

Do you have a technical support number I can call?

Yes. You can call 1 800-804-2994 to speak with our technical support team.