Discoverflow | Antigua | Bag Ah Money Promo Week2

Latesha Azille and Anthony Joseph were the 2nd weekly prize winners in Flow’s “Win a Bag Ah Money” promotion.


Latesha was completely surprised that she got the call that she had won. She plans on spending her just in time winnings on her 3-year-old adopted son on his back-to-school needs.


Anthony is a student at ABIIT and plans to spend some of the money on tuition and has intentions of taking care of his grandmother and sharing his prize money with her. Both Latesha and Anthony will also have a chance to win the grand prize of $10k.

The genuine and heart-warming responses of all our winners so far show just how impactful our promotion is. The excitement that our Summer Bag Ag Money promotion has generated in the market is rewarding. Everyone at team Flow is so looking forward to surprising the first of our $10k winners when that draw takes place on Friday 13th” said Flow’s Marketing and Communications Mgr. Shand Merchant. It’s going to be a very lucky Friday 13th for someone.


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