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Flow Digital TV availability : Freetown, Newfield, St. Philips, Bethesda, Pares, Glanvilles, Seatons, Willikies, Freemans Village, All Saints, Buckleys, Tyrells, Swetes, John Hughes, Falmouth, Cobbs Cross, English Harbour. Longford, Crosbies, Mount Pleasant, Cedar Grove, Hodges Bay, Royal Gardens, Cedar Valley, Cedar Valley Gardens, Cedar Valley Springs, Cassada Gardens, Barnes Hill, New Winthorpes, Powells, Carlisle, Coolidge, Skerritt's Pasture, Gambles, Old Parham Road, Clare Hall and St. Johnson Village, All Saints Road, Browne’s Ave, Cashew Hill, Bendals, Briggins, Martin’s Village, Ottos, De Souza Road, Radio Range, American Road, Five Islands, Pillar Rock, Nut Grove, Grays Farm, Hatton, Kentish Road, Golden Grove, Golden Grove Extension, Belle Vue Heights, Belmont, Factory Road, Fitches Creek, Gunthorpes, Herberts, Paynters, Piggotts, Potters, Renfrew, St. Clair Heights, Weir's Estate, Bowl Crescent, Clarke's Hill, Ferris Farm, Lightfoot, Sea View Farm, Parham and Parham Extension.

All information you may need about Digital TV.

Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to Flow Digital TV!

We are excited to announce that we are upgrading to Digital TV!

Digital TV will bring a new and exciting way to experience TV in Antigua - with more channel options and even better quality with brilliant High Definition (HD) TV.

Flow Digital TV will be introduced on a zone by zone basis, and once a zone has been fully migrated to digital service, the original analog TV service will be discontinued in that area.

During the migration process in your community, customers will not have access to the full range of analog channels (Channels 56 to 99) for the duration of the migration period. This is necessary to accommodate the new digital channels. Not all channels currently offered on our analog service will be available in our new Digital channel line-up.

Exciting introductory offer:
  • Sign up for the Plus Package for only $86.25 for the first 3 months.
  • Get the FIRST Set Top Box Free! Additional boxes require a $100 deposit each plus a $15 monthly rental fee.
  • Our Pensioners Plan is $66.25 for the Essential TV Package.

Our customer service representatives will be visiting your communities to make this transition as smooth as possible. We will also be setting up convenient times for our technicians to visit your premises to install the new "Digital TV Box" to activate your service.

Plan prices, channel line-up and options subject to change.

  • This special is applicable to existing customers only.
  • Reconnection fee: $57.50.
  • Set-top box replacement fee :$250.
  • Other Terms and conditions related to each service are applicable, refer to Residential TV service terms and conditions available on