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FLOW Netspeak Services

Fair Usage Policy

The FLOW Netspeak residential service (the “Service”) was first introduced as an unlimited-type service, subject to certain restrictions on use as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Service. However, FLOW has noted some abuse of the Service which has made it necessary for FLOW to take steps to protect the commercial viability of the Service. To that end, we have introduced a Fair Use Policy (“FUP”) which is intended to prevent excessive usage and abuse of the Service. Breach of the FUP will result in termination or suspension of the customer’s Service.


The Service must be used for personal, private purposes and domestic use only and not for business purposes or for trade or commerce or non-residential purposes, including (but not limited to) autodialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, continuous connectivity, fax broadcasting, fax blasting, telemarketing, automatic dialing, call centers or Internet cafés.

FLOW reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate a customer’s Service if we determine, in our sole discretion, that the customer is using the Service in a manner that is contrary to this FUP, including the requirement that the Service only be used for customers’ personal or residential use. A combination of factors are used to determine non-residential or other prohibited use, including (but not limited to) the number of unique numbers called and minutes used. Plan usage of over one thousand (1000) minutes per month will be considered nonresidential use and will be subject to additional per minute based charges. Such usage will also give FLOW the right to suspend or terminate the customer’s service, as mentioned above.

Additional Terms and Conditions of Service

Customers should refer to the Terms and Conditions for FLOW Netspeak Service for additional terms and conditions governing their use of the Service.