If the auto-renew feature is enabled and you have insufficient credit at the end of your subscription you will receive the following message: We tried to deduct your BB fee but were unable to due to insufficient credit. Your plan has been discontinued. Please logon to USSD *136# to start a new plan.

Checking your balance is easy and can be done on your handset. Simply dial *3733 and press send and follow the instructions. Calls to this number are free!

Customers can check their balance by dialing *120# and they will see all of their prepaid balances minutes, texts and data. By contacting the Contact Centre ( 100 or 1800-804-2994) where one of our agents will be able to advise on remaining balances.

A Bolt-on is an additional bundle of voice minutes, text messages or data that customers may add to their core plans, to ultimately create the mobile plan that best suits their lifestyle. The 'bolt-on prepaid plan' is an optional (Opt-in) plan that prepaid customers regardless of their basic/existing prepaid plan (such as Pay as You Go, ANYTIME, Friends & Family or Corporate CUG) may add to their existing service.
NB - Opt-in means that Flow customers will not automatically receive the service.

Accessing your voicemail is free and easy.
Dial and press SEND.The voicemail will say "Welcome to your voice message centre, I will be helping you to set up your own personal mailbox" Press 8, Then 7 and the voicemail will say "Enter 4-10 digits for your passcode". When you have finished press the #. Voicemail will say "Remember your passcode for the next time that you log in" and you are done!

CarryOver (also called Rollover) minutes are any unused minutes from your mobile postpaid package which can be carried over from a previous month to the next month. There is no additional charge for CarryOver minutes. Minutes are automatically rolled over to the next month no sign up required.

You can carry over all your unused minutes from your postpaid plan from one month to the next month. The maximum number of minutes that you are allowed to carry over is equivalent to the total number of minutes included in your postpaid package. For example, if you get 100 minutes a month with your plan, you can carry over up to 100 minutes to the next month.

Existing customers will receive their first STB free. Additional boxes require a $100 deposit plus a monthly rental fee of $15.00 per each box requested. Terms and conditions apply for new customers.

Please ensure the television input/source button on television remote is set to that based on the cable being used from the set top box to the television.

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