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Dear Valued Customer,

We are in the process of finalizing our programming line-up for 2019 and want to highlight some of the key changes being made to some of our TV packages across the Caribbean.

We are pleased to announce that as of December 1st 2018, you will have access to 2 new channels, Discovery World HD & Discovery Theatre HD bringing a mix of new and exciting content such as history, culture, real-life stories, mystery, investigation, travel and factual series and documentaries. These two channels will be available in our TV Max package, if you are a TV Essentials or TV Plus customer, you will enjoy a 3-month free preview from December 1st 2018 – February 28th 2019 so that you can take advantage of the new and exciting programming at no extra cost. Customers without a Flow EVO package will not have access to these two channels.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be removing some channels from all of our TV packages across the Caribbean. As of December 31st 2018, we will remove the following channels: Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, FOX Sports Racing, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild and BBC America.

We understand that this change impacts your viewing habits however we hope you will continue to discover all Flow has to offer for your Sports and Entertainment needs, including some of our signature content such as:


Flow Sports (Home of the Premier League)

Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Europa League, T10 Cricket, The Big Bash league, T20 Cricket & IPL (Indian premier League)


ESPN Caribbean:

College Football & Basketball, NBA, NFL


As always, we’re working hard every day to bring the best in entertainment to every part of your life.

Thank you for being a valued Flow customer!



Your Flow Team

No all cable operators within the Caribbean region are required to removal all channels to which they are do not have the rights to air.

Flow has worked to ensure compliance with the mandate regarding international intellectual property rights and we have sought to replace removed channels with similar content, for example we replaced Encore with HBO Family. In full we have had to stop showing 25 channels and 18 of these were replaced with a similar line up, in some cases however similar replacements have not been possible such as The Choice Channel, the Tennis channel, Willow Cricket and Starz. We however continue to work to enhance the viewing line up with additional great channels such as Warner, Sony, HBO Caribbean, Feva TV, Flow Sports with exclusive content and Premier League football.

Flow’s Terms and Conditions of Service advises our customers that channel line-ups may be altered at any time and that such amendments would not affect the fees payable by the customer. Package prices are not determined on a per channel/per content basis. Here in Antigua, our Flow TV package has more channels than the regional average and yet our retail package price is significantly lower than other markets. We believe we offer great value for money and have doubled the number of channels offered since we launched without raising prices to match.

Flow did not yet have the approval to air all of channels by the content or channel owners, however we have been negotiating with these organisations for years to obtain rights however the authorisation of rights for a particular part of the world or to a particular company is always a business decision. Unfortunately in some cases these channel and content owners have decided that they prefer not to have their content aired in the Caribbean unless it is on a programme by programme basis on free to air channels. At the end of the day we must comply. The issue of Flow and other local cable operators airing unapproved content is an industry issue meaning that most Pay TV providers have been managing this since the inception of “cable tv” in the Caribbean.

If there is no update, it means that you are on an older SIM card. You are not required to change your SIM card, however your phone will display LIME until you do. If you wish to change your SIM card then you may visit a LIME or Flow location to do so.

You must restart your phone. If you are out of network range the updates will take effect once you reconnect and your phone will reflect Flow. Otherwise, the next time you are out of our network range the settings will automatically be pushed to your device and display Flow when you’re back on network.

On return to your home location, the settings will automatically be pushed to your mobile device and reflect Flow

No, until further advised there will be no change to your service.

The fact is, and ECTEL has confirmed, that CWC does not need approval to merge in these markets. Consequently we are moving ahead with the launch and rebranding to Flow in all of our markets across the Caribbean.

The changeover will take place over the next 7 days from today through 29th March 2016

Based on the merger of Cable and Wireless Communications and Columbus, we launched our new consumer brand, Flow. As such we are in the process of a rebranding exercise to the new Flow across all of our markets in the Caribbean.

Yes. An early termination fee applies. Please refer to the Terms and condition portion on your application form or have one of our customer service agents go through with you.

The product comes with 24 hours support.

Yes. This service will only be available to Flow Internet customers.

You can apply for the services through any local Flow retail outlet.

No, you do not need to register your product again but just reinstall using your same subscription key given to you when you first purchased the service.

How do I uninstall the product?

To uninstall the product, do the following:

a. In Windows XP, click Start.

b. Click Control Panel.

c. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

d. Select the product name and click Remove.

e. In Windows Vista, click the Start button.

f. Click Control Panel.

g. Click Programs.

h. Click Programs and Features.

i. Select the product name and click Uninstall.

j. In Windows 7, click the Start button.

k. Select Control Panel.

l. Select Programs and Features.

m. Select the product name and click Uninstall.

2. When you are asked to restart your computer, restart it.

Your subscription allows two installations. Therefore, to transfer the subscription to another computer, install the product by using the same subscription key. The subscription is transferred to the new computer, and the old installation stops working. If you have problems transferring the subscription, do the following:

1. Uninstall the product from both computers:
a. Click Start.
b. Select Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
2. Do the following on the computer to which you want to transfer the subscription:
a. Restart the computer to which you want to transfer the subscription.
b. Delete the product folder in the installation directory.
c. Reinstall the product.

d. After you have entered your subscription key and registered it, a message Informs you that the subscription is already registered to another computer. Click Next. The product will be registered to your new computer.

At point of sale, you will receive a subscription key for the product. This subscription key can be

installed on maximum two computers.

1. Open My Computer to check system properties:

a. Click Start > My Computer.
b. Right-click with your mouse and select Properties. The System Properties window opens.
c. Click the General tab and check the first line under Computer:

In 64-bit XP, Itanium or Itanium 2 is shown.
In 32-bit XP, some other value is shown.

2. Open the Winmsd.exe tool to check the system type or processor:
a. Click Start > Run.
b. Type winmsd.exe in the Open field, and click OK.
c. Do either of the following:

-Locate System Type in the right pane under Item. Check the value:
-In 64-bit XP, the value is Itanium-based system.
-In 32-bit XP, the value is X86-based PC.
-Locate Processor in the right pane under Item. Check the value:
-In 64-bit XP, the value starts with ia64.
-In 32-bit XP, the value starts with x86.

3. Use the Diagnostic Utility tool to check the version:

a. Click Start > Run.
b. Type dxdiag in the Open field, and click OK.
Note: If a Windows dialog box is shown, asking you to verify your drivers, you can safely click No and continue. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool dialog box opens. Allow the program to finish loading.
c. Locate Operating System in System Information: In 64-bit XP, the value is, for example, Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition.

d. Locate Processor in System Information: In 64-bit XP, the value is either Itanium or Itanium2.