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Flow FAVES allows Flow prepaid customers to make unlimited calls and texts to their favorite five (5) Flow numbers locally at a fixed recurring charge weekly or monthly. The five numbers must be on-net to Flow landline or mobile number. Except in Antigua where only Flow Mobile Numbers can be in the FAVE LIST.

Two plans exist for Flow FAVES

To get the 7 day plan text “FAVE7” to 145. To get the 30 day plan text “FAVE30” to 145.

The 7 Day plan costs EC$15.33 and the 30 day plan costs EC$45

No. On attempting to add a sixth number the following message will be returned “sorry, your list is full”

Adding an removing numbers is simple and is done via text.

To add a number text “FAVEA” + “7 digit Telephone number” to 145.

If you wish to delete a number, text ‘FAVED (space)7 digit number’ to 145. There is a charge to delete numbers.

If you attempt to add a sixth number to Flow FAVEs then you will receive a text message advising you to remove a number before adding another.

If you are unsure of which numbers you have on your Flow FAVES then you can text FAVELIST to 145 and a message will be sent with your list of numbers.

Customers must have a minimum of $0.01 on their core/primary balance in order to use Flow FAVES. Except in Jamaica where the minimum balance is $1.00 JAM Dollar.

NO. Flow FAVES is only available as a prepaid mobile service.

NO. Flow FAVES is only available as a prepaid mobile service