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prepaid mobile quick access codes

Dial for quick access to these services

  • View your account balance (prepaid or postpaid)
  • Add credit with card/voucher for you or friends and family
  • Mobile Internet Balance
  • Activate Prepaid plans or bolt-ons (where available)
  • Get Active Plans
  • What's my number
  • Send a Please Call Me request
Direct Access CodesAccess Code
To check balanceDial
To check data internet balance Dial
To cancel data auto-renewalDial
To check mobile numberDial
To stop auto-renewal for prepaid combo planDial
To stop auto-renewal for prepaid data only planDial

A Bolt-on is an additional bundle of voice minutes, text messages or data that customers may add to their core plans, to ultimately create the mobile plan that best suits their lifestyle. The 'bolt-on prepaid plan' is an optional (Opt-in) plan that prepaid customers regardless of their basic/existing prepaid plan (such as Pay as You Go, ANYTIME, Friends & Family or Corporate CUG) may add to their existing service.
NB - Opt-in means that Flow customers will not automatically receive the service.

Accessing your voicemail is free and easy.
Dial and press SEND.The voicemail will say "Welcome to your voice message centre, I will be helping you to set up your own personal mailbox" Press 8, Then 7 and the voicemail will say "Enter 4-10 digits for your passcode". When you have finished press the #. Voicemail will say "Remember your passcode for the next time that you log in" and you are done!

The new Flow Prepaid Services, Prepaid Combo Plans offer customers inclusive voice mins, data and SMS at a low price and are available with expiry periods of 1, 3, 7 and 30 days.

Customers can use their voice minsto call local Flow mobiles & Landlines as well as to local third party mobile; SMS is also applicable to local Flow & third party Mobiles.

Customers will definitely see savings with these plans starting from 66% off the regular PAYG voice rates on the smallest plan. For eg., if a regular 300 MB data customer uses an average of 3 mins each day over a 3 day period, then it is recommended that they take the Small Combo Plan with 300MBs, 50 Anywhere Local Mins, 50 Anywhere Local SMS as the cost of the 9 mins ($8.01 + the regular 300 MB ($12.99)would total $21.00.

With the Small Combo Plan, the customer would pay only $18.99 but will enjoy 38 additional Local Anywhere minsplus 50 Anywhere Local SMS.

                 Data Plans                                        New Combo Plans                          User Profile
ValidityDataPriceValidityDataMinTextPriceNameMins Usage / DaySMSUsage / DaySaving Off PAYG Rates

Yes. Customers will receive the following message: Account was billed $XX.XX for your Premium pkg and will renew 2016-XX-XX at 09:30:46. Your primary bal is $X.XX exp 2016-XX-XX. On-net SMS bal XXX, Anywhere Local bal XXX. Mobile Internet bal XXX MB.

Yes. To turn off the auto renewal feature, customers can dial *363#.

Yes, customers can activate more than one instance of a plan in any 30 day period.

No. Calls, texts and data used while roaming will be billed separately. Normal roaming charges will apply.