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Accessing your voicemail is free and easy.

Dial *123 and press SEND.

If you have already set up your voicemail you will hear "Welcome to the message centre please enter your passcode".

If you are accessing voicemail for the first time you will hear "Welcome to your message centre, I will be helping you to set up your own personal mailbox".

The first time you call your voicemail your temporary passcode will be 1234 and you can change it to a passcode with 4-10 digits of your choice using the menu.

Local Plan Data, mins and SMS cannot be used while roaming; normal voice/data and SMS roaming charges will apply whilst traveling.

Plan Regional mins include calls to Flow mobile & Flow fixed Caribbean destinations except for Jamaica.

Plan International minutes include US, Canada, and UK Fixed.

Plan Local mins include calls to local Flow/ Digicel/Inet Mobiles & Landlines.

We designed the Postpaid package to give you the freedom to adjust your plan from month to month, depending on your needs. You can chose from S, M, L or XL.

You can carry over all your unused minutes from your postpaid plan from one month to the next month. The maximum number of minutes that you are allowed to carry over is equivalent to the total number of minutes included in your postpaid package. For example, if you get 100 minutes a month with your plan, you can carry over up to 100 minutes to the next month.

CarryOver (also called Rollover) minutes are any unused minutes from your mobile postpaid package which can be carried over from a previous month to the next month. There is no additional charge for CarryOver minutes. Minutes are automatically rolled over to the next month no sign up required.

You can record your own personal greeting when you set up your voicemail. If you have already set up your voicemail please dial , press SEND and follow the prompts to record your own greeting.