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Each day, FLOW subscribers enjoy access to over 90 channels of quality picture and sound, including access to 3 exclusive packages: Movies, Sports and Adult.

We offer access to quality programming delivered to homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, the airport and the hospital.


FLOW presents an all-star selection of movies, sports, news, information and entertainment. Our cable box service offers a wide variety of pricing packages. Once you have the Premium Package, it's easy to add on the Exclusive Package(s) that's right for you and your family such as the Movie Package featuring multiple channels of premium networks.


Laugh, cry, cheer, or just kick back and relax.

With over 90 channels of clear, reliable entertainment, FLOW's Premium TV is a simple and convenient way to entertain your entire household. Whatever you're looking for - movies, sports, news, music videos, documentaries, hit TV shows, children's programming - find more of it when you Sign up today for Flow TV.