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Flow’s ladies dress for ultimate success

- telecom company celebrates International Women’s Day


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (March 8th, 2018) – The ladies of Flow are dressing for their ultimate success.

Barbados’ leading telecommunications provider celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday with a fun and informative presentation at the company’s corporate office in Warrens that featured Marcia Martindale, owner and founder of popular women’s boutique Martindale’s.

Dozens of Flow’s women attended the session and they were treated to advice and demonstrations about the importance of undergarments, accessories and what outfit is suitable to wear on different occasions.

“When it comes to interviews, presentations, important meetings or any situation where you need to make a stellar impression, looking professional is just as important as being professional,” said Martindale.

“I may be a bit bold in my personal choices but the way we present ourselves, especially as professional working women, is very important. You may know all the facts but how we appear and carry ourselves can make the difference. And your clothing shouldn’t only look good, it should feel good as well.”

Martindale also suggested that women pay closer attention to the finer details of their wardrobe and their daily choices.

“Your appearance isn’t just about the clothes you are wearing, it’s about how you style your hair, how you apply your makeup if any, the way you manage your hygiene and your overall posture and general attitude,” she said.

“And the thing I live and die by is having the right undergarment. This is the foundation upon which we build a successful look and style. It doesn’t make sense looking fabulous and feeling uncomfortable.”

International Women’s Day was celebrated under the theme ‘Press For Progress’ and Flow also produced a multi-channel media campaign encouraging all Barbadians to strive for gender parity.



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