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Installation & Fees

See how you can save on installation by having more than one Flow service.


Service Type Description Fee (VAT incl.)
New Installation This fee includes the installation of one Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with your Broadband, Video and/or Voice services with two video set-top-boxes $14999
If your home is service-ready (already wired). $4999
If you already have Broadband and/or Voice service and want to add Video service (maximum of two set-top-boxes). $4999
Additional Installations If you already have Video services and want to add an extra set-top box $14999
Equipment relocation This fee covers the relocation of equipment to a NON service-ready location. $14999
This fee covers the relocation of equipment to a service-ready location. $4999
Reconnection Fees Reconnection after disconnection. $2499
Additional Video Fees Video set-top-box rental for your 1st outlet. Incl in monthly package fee
TV set-top-box rental for each additional outlet. $1800/mo