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Flow: ‘The Mobile Revolution Has Arrived!’


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (August 13th, 2018) -- Just over 2.6 million megabytes of mobile data are at this moment moving across Flow’s local network each day.

According to Barbados’ leading telecommunications provider, the average smartphone user is now spending 223 minutes per day connected to the internet, with a heavy emphasis on social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

In fact, customers on average are using a combined 605 gigabytes per day on WhatsApp alone, utilising features such as instant messaging, voice calling, file transfers and media downloads.

“The way our customers experience and interact with mobile connectivity is of critical importance to us, as we continue to ensure that we understand their needs and keep them connected to the things they value most,” said Jenson Sylvester, Managing Director, Flow Barbados.

“In the mobile space specifically, our main focus is the connection between how the products and services we offer enable our customers to enhance their lifestyles and relationships, thereby creating positive and meaningful moments for families, friends, businesses and communities.”

To give some perspective, one gigabyte of data can enable the average smartphone user to send approximately 1.5 million WhatsApp messages or watch approximately three hundred minutes of YouTube videos.

On average, Flow’s customer base uses just over 87 million megabytes - or 87,000 gigabytes - of data each month.

“In recent times, mobile data traffic has increased exponentially and we have been designing our market-leading mobile plans primarily around the data component so we can ensure that our customers are getting the most value and the best possible user experience. Therefore, our new suite of mobile plans remain affordable and offer unrivalled value for our customers,” added Sylvester.

“Speed and reliability are the most important attributes after price, so we also continue to make significant investments in our mobile infrastructure and we now have more than 33,000 subscribers using our 4G LTE network. We also have the presence of LTE Advanced and we still maintain our 3G network to ensure our entire customer base is covered.”

According to a recent study published by CitrusBits, a leading mobile app development agency, there are currently 3.7 billion unique mobile users in the world and 51% of all internet traffic is generated from smartphones and related devices.

“As we have seen from the trends, the appetite for mobile data is increasing and we remain motivated to continue to invest in the technologies and expertise that will enable the region’s digital revolution to drive prosperity for the economies of the Caribbean,” said Sylvester.