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Do You Need a Phone Line for Broadband?

In the age of smartphones, having a landline phone line at your home might seem like a waste of money and time, so being able to get broadband without one might be something that you’re thinking about. But can you get some of the best broadband deals without a phone line? The good news is that you can. Many internet service providers will encourage you to get an internet and landline phone bundle when you sign up, but you don’t need to get this unless you want it. Fiber-optic broadband uses fiber-optic cables to deliver the connection to your home, so there is no need for you to have a phone line installed.

On the other hand, DSL internet may require a phone line since this type of internet connection travels through copper phone line networks to deliver the internet to homes, in a similar way to the old dial-up connections, but much faster. This is often a top choice for rural homes that are wired for landline phones anyway, and where fiber-optic internet connections may not always be available.

Another option to consider if you want to get broadband at home without a phone line is mobile wireless internet. This is a good alternative to broadband, DSL internet for areas that get a good cellular service. Sometimes known as 4G LTE internet, mobile wireless internet functions in a similar way to a mobile hotspot; however, the plans developed for home networks offer much more data. It works by connecting your home to the internet via cell phone towers using a special modem you will get from your provider. It will utilize the mobile networks that operate in your area, so choose a mobile wireless company that has the best coverage where you live to make sure that you are getting the best connection.

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