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How to Clean a Virus from a Phone?

Most people have their phones with them most or all of the time, and they’re in our hands a lot at work, at home, and while out and about. But over the past few years with the COVID19 pandemic reiterating the importance of keeping our hands clean, should we not be making sure that our phones are clean too? With the spread of COVID19 over the past couple of years, health experts have been emphasizing just how important it is to keep your devices clean to reduce the risk of infection.

You may not realize just how many germs are lurking on your phone. Devices like smartphones can carry viruses like COVID19, as it’s passed from your hands to your phone after you’ve coughed or sneezed into them. And while most people don’t share their phone with others, if somebody else picks up your phone to move it or give it back to you, then you might unwittingly catch or pass on a virus through this action. The good news is that by keeping your phone clean and sanitized, you can reduce the risk of COVID19 and other viruses. Plus, it’s always nicer to use a phone that has a shiny, clean screen and no dust and dirt hiding down the sides of the case.

How to Clean Your Phone From Virus?

Previously, smartphone manufacturers would advise against using antibacterial products on phones. It is important to be careful what you use to clean your phone as some cleaning products might damage it. You can get special wipes and sprays that are designed to be safe to use with tech. These are usually the best options as not only will they keep your phone clean, but also provide peace of mind that you are not going to accidentally damage your smartphone by simply trying to stay hygienic.

How to Clean My Phone From Viruses?

With hygiene more important than ever before as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, understanding the best products to use to keep your phone clean is crucial. Your phone can harbor a lot of germs and viruses, so it is important to choose cleaning products that will get rid of these effectively. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, companies that produce smartphones like Google and Apple have updated their advice when it comes to the type of cleaning products that are safe to use. Both companies say that wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol are safe to use to keep your phone clean and disinfected.

How to Clean Virus From Phone – Safe and Effective Methods?

If you don’t have any suitable tech cleaning wipes or sprays on hand, the good news is that there are some other safe and effective options that you can use to keep your phone clean and disinfect it without causing any damage to it. Some safe, effective methods for cleaning your phone include:

1 – How to Clean Phone With Wipes

70% alcohol wipes are advised by manufacturers such as Apple as the most effective way to keep your phone clean. You can use these wipes on all the smartphone’s exterior surfaces such as the screen and the rear casing. Avoid openings on the phone such as speakers or headphone ports.

2 – How to Clean My Phone With Mild Soap and Water

Wipes might be effective, but they might not be your first choice if you want to be kinder to the planet, or you don’t want to pay a high price for this cleaning product. If you don’t have any wipes, you can use mild soap and water as an alternative for keeping your phone clean. Begin by mixing dish soap and water. Then, take a microfibre, lint-free cloth and dip it into the solution. Wring it out so that it is damp and use it to wipe your phone down.

3 - How to Clean Phone By Rinsing if It’s Waterproof

If you really need to clean your phone but do not have access to any cleaning products, you can rinse your handset if it is certified waterproof. Waterproof phones such as the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 13 can be submerged in water to a certain depth, so giving it a light rinse and then drying it off is unlikely to cause any damage. Even if you have a waterproof phone, it’s important to avoid putting any additional cleaning products into the water if you are planning to dip it in as this could cause damage to the internal components. It’s also important to avoid using water to clean your waterproof phone if there are any cracks on the screen, as this could reduce the effectiveness.

What to Avoid When I Clean My Phone?

When it comes to disinfecting your phone and removing any viruses that might be lurking on it, it’s important to know which products to avoid. If you are struggling to get wipes or don’t have any on hand right now, it can be tempting to use household cleaning supplies that you have at home in your bathroom or under the kitchen counter. However, smartphone manufacturers advise against using these products as they contain harsh chemicals that can wear the protective layer of your phone’s display down. You should always avoid using products such as bleach on or near your phone. Kitchen roll is another product that might be tempting to use on your phone when cleaning it, but bear in mind that it can be abrasive. Kitchen roll or even tissues can leave scratches on your phone’s display, so it’s always a good idea to use a soft and gentle microfiber cloth.

How Do I Clean My Phone Case?

Along with cleaning the phone itself, your case should also be cleaned as this will be the main surface for bacteria, germs, and viruses. Since your case is probably on your phone all the time, it’s probably collected some dust and dirt down the sides too, so it’s a good idea to take it off to clean it regularly. Phone cases can usually be easily removed, and most do not have any electronic components, making them safe to clean with most products. If you have a plastic phone case, you can simply scrub it with soapy water, dry it with a towel, and put it back on your phone. Keep these tips in mind for cleaning different types of phone case:

How to Clean Silicone Case

A phone case that is made out of silicone, plastic, or rubber will usually be the easiest type to clean. They are also the most common type of phone case that people use to protect their devices. If you have a plastic or silicone phone case, you can soak it in a solution of warm water and dish soap for a few minutes. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub away any tougher stains on your case. Thoroughly dry the case with a microfiber cloth before putting it back on your smartphone.

Cleaning a Leather Case

Leather can be a harder material to clean as it should not get too wet. You can use a mild cleaning product that is designed for cleaning leather to get rid of any stubborn stains. An antibacterial leather cleaning product is a good option if you want to remove any bacteria and viruses. Most of the time, wiping the leather case down with a damp cloth will work.

Wooden Case Cleaning

If you have a phone case that is made from wood, it’s important to clean it correctly since water can deteriorate the wood over time. The best option is to regularly wipe the case down with a microfiber cloth.

Battery Case Cleaning

Battery cases are a popular choice as people want to make sure that their phone always has juice. A battery case is a great alternative to looking for a power socket or carrying a power bank around with you while you are out and about. However, battery cases do have electrical components so it’s important to take as much care when cleaning them as you would your smartphone. You can use all the same safe methods for cleaning your battery case including wiping gently with a damp cloth or using 70% alcohol wipes.

How to Clean a Phone With UV

UV light has become a popular option for cleaning tech during the COVID19 pandemic. UV light cleaners are simple and easy to use and do not cause any damage to the phone, unlike conventional cleaning products. All you need to do is put the phone into the UV light cleaner and turn it on. If you want a simple, mess-free way to keep your phone clean and disinfected on a regular basis without using any soap, water, or wipes, investing in a UV light cleaner might be an ideal option for you.

Whether you want to avoid catching COVID19 or just want to make sure that you are not carrying a breeding ground for germs and bacteria around with you, it’s important to know how to safely clean viruses and bacteria from your smartphone safely.

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