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How to Send Money Via a Cellphone

Smartphones have made it easier than ever for us to transfer money to one another. Whether you’re buying something second-hand on Facebook marketplace, paying a friend back for dinner, sending money to your roommate for bills or lending some cash to a relative in need, you can easily do it all from your phone. Today there are various different payment apps that make sending and receiving money easy.

Precautions When You Send Money Via Phone

However, before getting started, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t just send money to anybody online. Before you make the payment, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are sending the money to the right person and that they actually asked for it. There has been an alarming number of scams recently where scammers pretend to be a friend or relative in need asking you for money, so it’s a good idea to confirm in-person, with a phone call or a video call before you send anybody money.

How to Transfer Money Phone to Phone – Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile payment apps are a popular way to send money to anybody. There are various options available to choose from, including:

How to Send Money to a Mobile Phone with PayPal

You can easily send and receive payments in the PayPal smartphone app. Since PayPal is a popular way to make online payments when shopping, it’s likely that you and lots of people you know already have an account, which makes it a convenient option. However, compared to some other services, the PayPal sign up process isn’t quite as quick and easy, and you might find that it takes longer to send somebody money compared to using other options. On the upside, it is available in almost every country, making it easy to send money to people abroad or people who use different currencies.

How to Transfer Money Via Cellphone Banking

Depending on the bank that you use, you may be able to easily send money using your cell phone banking app. If you have not already downloaded it to your phone, it is a good idea to get your bank’s cell phone app as along with the option to send money, you can use it for a wide range of other things like checking your balance, transferring money to savings, setting up regular payments, ordering new cards, and more. While not all banks offer the option to send money via cellphone banking, it is becoming more popular. All you will need is the bank account information for the person that you are sending money to. Once you have entered the information and specified how much you want to send, you can transfer money directly to their account. You can also receive money in the same way from anybody whose banking app allows them to make these payments.

How to Stay Safe When You Send Money Using Mobile Number

Whether you are sending money using your banking app, iMessage, or a mobile payment app, it’s important to keep safety strategies in mind. Scams are more and more common these days, so if you get a message asking for money, then you should always verify the source. This is especially true if you get a message via email or another unusual way; however, scammers are becoming more sophisticated and might pretend to be your friends and family texting you or sending a WhatsApp message.

The best way to verify that you are actually being asked for money by somebody you know is to call or video call them. This way, they can verify in person that they are asking for the payment. Don’t reply to any email messages or texts that you get asking for money from a number or address that you do not recognize, even if you think you know who the text is from. Scammers have been known to pretend that they are somebody you know by saying that they have a new phone number. It can be all too easy to get swindled, so make sure that you double-check before you make any payments.

Finally, make sure that all your mobile payment apps are secure. If you are using Apple Pay Cash on your iPhone, then set up strong security on your phone with a passcode and Face ID so that nobody can get into your messages and send themselves money without your knowledge. Choose a strong, unique password with a minimum of eleven characters including upper- and lower-case, symbols and numbers for each payment app.

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to send and receive cash. These are just some of the best options currently available for mobile payments.

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