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What is Fiber Broadband?

Also known as ‘fiber’ or ‘fiber internet’, fiber-optic internet is an internet connection that can reach high speeds of up to 940mpbs (megabits per second) with little to no lagging. This technology uses fiber-optic cables , sending data at around seventy percent the speed of light. Along with this, fiber-optic cables are more durable and less susceptible to weather conditions compared to traditional cable types, which keeps the occurrence of outages down. Fiber is an ideal choice of broadband connections for households or workplaces with multiple devices that need to be connected at once. You may want to choose fiber if your internet needs include gaming and video chatting, video streaming, backing up large files, and downloading large files.

Fiber broadband is a complex technology allowing the transmission of information in light rather than electricity form. The two key components of this advanced technology are the optical fibers and the ‘last mile’ of the network. Optical fibers are tiny – slightly larger than a human hair. They are bundled together to form a cable and carry pulses of LED or laser light down the light, which then transmits information in binary form. Once the light pulses reach their destination, they will then be converted into electrical output that can be understood and used by your devices. This is done using a piece of equipment known as the optical network terminal, which sends the signal to the user through an Ethernet connection. With pure fiber, fiber connections run all the way to the end user, allowing the consumer to get the full speed and reliability of fiber. A cheaper alternative is to use copper cables that carry the fiber connection from a terminal; however, this loses a small amount of the fiber speed as it is delivered to the user.

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