You’ll receive a text message stating the amount that your phone has been topped up with.
If the text notification was not received, please use our "Contact Us" pages to report your issue. Alternatively you can chat online to one of our advisers.

Customers can check their balance by dialing *120# and they will see all of their prepaid balances – minutes, texts and data.
By contacting the Contact Centre (1800-804-2994) where one of our agents will be able to advise on remaining balances.

The inclusive minutes, texts and data are for local Home country use ONLY. The standard roaming charges will apply when roaming

This is a plan being launch that allows prepaid customers to access cheaper roaming rates when traveling. See the price table below.

The roaming will expire seven (7) days after the date of purchase.

Yes, this plan works with AT&T in the USA and Rogers, Telus and Bell Mobility in Canada

After the plan expires all usage of voice, data and or SMS will be billed at the regular roaming rates. Note that the data roaming data while in USA and Canada is now as $11.98 a reduction from the previous rates in $20.00 in the USA and $24.00 while in Canada.

All minutes will be charged on a per minute basis.

It is best to purchase the plan before you travel however you can purchase the plan after you arrive in the USA and or Canada

Yes, the customer will have the ability to purchase multiple bolt-ons or TALK, TEXT and DATA plans within the 30 day cycle. The new plan purchased will expire 30 days from the date of purchase.

Yes. Customers can purchase prepaid bolt-ons along with their standard Pay per Use prepaid service.

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