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Flow is launching a new and simplified catalog of triple play products and with two exciting bundles – our Upward Plan and Onward Plan.

Flow-To-Go is an innovative mobile application, designed to enhance your entertainment experience. You'll get the ability to watch popular Live TV shows and access specialized programming, all from a Web Browser, Smartphone or Tablet.

Several international studies show there is a direct correlation between faster internet speeds and national development, and as Barbados’ leading telecommunications provider, we see it as our duty to ensure the best connectivity experience for our customers today and every day.

No. A new modem upgrade will be provided free of charge.

Not all customers will have to change their modems. However, in order to experience the full speeds in our new plans, some customers may require an upgraded modem.

If you’re on our Upward plan, you can add a Wi-Fi extender rental to your plan for $12 per month. Our Onward Plan customers automatically receive an extender; however, they can also add an additional Wi-Fi extender rental to their plan. Please give us a call at 1-800-804-2994 or visit us in-store.

As part of the free in-home assessment, we will determine whether and how many Wi-Fi extenders are required to provide full coverage within a customer’s home.

Wi-Fi extenders are available to all customers who have upgraded to the new Upward and Onward bundles. The Onward bundle automatically includes up to one free Wi-Fi extender and our technicians will perform full in-home assessments to determine the requirements for a Wi-Fi extender. In some instances, some customers will not require a Wi-Fi extender.

No. We are providing this service free of charge for all customers who upgrade to the new Upward and Onward Plans.

To ensure all our customers enjoy the full benefits of our new bundle plans, we will be conducting free in-home assessments for all customers who upgrade to the new Upward and Onward Plans. This assessment includes a full review of the exiting installation and a Wi-Fi survey.

Absolutely not! We want everyone to enjoy our two new bundles, so we’re making it easier for you to do just that.

Just that! We have removed all term-contract restrictions from our Upward and Onward bundles, so customers are not obligated to keep our services for any set period of time. Also, there are on fees or penalties if customers decide to upgrade, downgrade or cancel these plans.

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