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Adding and removing numbers is simple and is done via text.

To add a number dial telephone number# and SEND
If you wish to delete a number dial

No. Customers must have a minimum of $0.01 on their core/primary balance in order to use FLOW FAVES.

The customers’ subscription will be extended by the amount of days in the plan. If customers’ second plan is FLOW FAVES 7 day, the FLOW FAVES expiration will be extended by 7 days. For example, on first subscription customer expiration is October 1st, after purchasing second 7 day plan, the customer’s expiration becomes October 8th. All other features and functions remain the same other than the extending of the customer’s expiration date.


No. Customers can only add LOCAL FLOW landline and FLOW mobile numbers. No third party, international or FLOW regional landline or regional mobile numbers are included in FLOW FAVES.

Yes. To do this customers must dial .

Customers will be charged for deleting each unique number within their Faves List. That is, if two numbers are in the List, the total charge is $2.04 times two.

Users can change a number in the list by first deleting the number they wish to change and then adding the new number. To delete the number users must dial telephone number#. Users can then add the new number by dialing:telephone number#. The charge for deleting a number is $2.04 per number

No. On attempting to add a sixth number the following message will be returned “sorry, your list is full”

NO. Flow FAVES is only available as a prepaid mobile service.

Two plans exist for Prepaid Flow FAVES

To get the 7 day plan dial . To get the 30 day plan dial and SEND

The 7 Day plan costs BBD$15.33 and the 30 day plan costs BBD$45.98

NO. Flow FAVES is only available as a prepaid mobile service

FLOW FAVES allows FLOW prepaid customers to make unlimited calls and texts to their favorite five (5) FLOW numbers locally at a fixed recurring charge weekly or monthly. The five numbers must be on-net to FLOW landline or mobile number. Except in Antigua where only FLOW Mobile Numbers can be in the FAVE LIST.

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