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PostPaid Plans


everything you need
nothing you don't

We designed the new Postpaid combo packages to give you the freedom to choose from 4 simple options, so you can find what’s perfect for you. Each plan comes with more data, talk time and SMS Plus any unused minutes, text and data will carry over to the next month.

Plan Small Medium Large X-Large
Price $99.00 $119.00 $130.00 $159.00
Local On-Net Minutes 1000 7100 7100 7100
International Minutes (CCT, Digicel, USA,USVI,PR, Canada, FLOW Caribbean & UK Fixed Lines) 1000 3000 7000 7000
Other International Minutes (Guyana, Dominican Rep) NO NO 100 100
Data 5GB 10GB 14GB 25GB
Data Roaming NO NO NO 1GB
SMS 1000 3000 7100 7100
Rollover Minutes & SMS YES YES YES YES
Fastest 4G Network YES YES YES YES


data bolt ons

Simply Data

Need More Data or Data-Only? Our Postpaid Data Bolt-ons can either supplement your existing plan or give you all the data you need for your mobile tablet or laptop without talk time or SMS messaging.










$ 36.75








Out of Bundle

Rates Per Minute For Out Of Plan Usage


Local and International Calling

Local SMS (Any Number)

SMS (International)


Peak Monday to Friday 6 am - 8 pm





Off Peak Monday to Friday 8 pm - 6 am





Weekends Midnight Friday until Midnight Sunday





* Rest of the World is $0.47 per minute.

*Data overages rate is per MB



Click here for postpaid roaming rates.


Q. What are the new post-paid combo plans?

A. Our new post-paid plans include minutes, data and SMS. They are available only on a 2 year contract.

Q. When will these new plans become available?

A. The new post-paid combo plans will be in market from August 5th 2017

Q. How do I get a post-paid combo plan?

A. You can visit any of the Flow retail outlets to sign up or call us at 1-800-804-2994

Q. Will my unused data and minutes rollover?

A. Yes. Customers who purchase any of the plans can carry over unused data and minutes for one billing period.

Q. Will my unused SMS rollover?

A. Yes. There will be roll over for SMS.

Q. Will I be cut off if I exceed my plan allotments?

A. Yes. Once the usage allotments have been exceeded customers will be required to purchase a data bolt-on .

Q. Can I bolt-on additional minutes?

A. No, you cannot bolt-on additional minutes. Should you require additional minutes you will need to purchase a bigger plan.

Q. Can I bolt-on additional SMS?

A. No, you cannot bolt-on additional SMS. Should you require additional SMS you will need to purchase a bigger plan.

Q. Can I bolt-on additional data?

A. Yes, you can bolt-on additional data from 1GB up to 25GB of data.

Q. Can I use my minutes to call other networks?

A. Yes. The minutes in the plan can be used to call any local network.

Q. Can my minutes be used to call overseas?

A. Yes, the plans include international minutes to Flow Caribbean, USA, Canada, UK Landlines. Any other International calls made will be billed outside of the plan at the applicable international rate.

Q. Can I use my plan while roaming?

A. No; these plans are only available for local usage. You can either purchase a post-paid roaming plan where one is available or pay the advertised roaming rates. More information on our roaming plans and rates can be found at https://discoverflow.co/british-virgin-islands/mobile/roaming.

Q. Will the old post-paid plans still be available?

A. No, you will be expected to purchase one of the new plans listed in the answer to question #1 above.

Q. If I already have an existing post-paid plan, will I have to change to one of the new plans?

A: Customers will be allowed to keep their currently however, any modifications to the plans will result is migration to the new plans as the old plans will all be obsolete.