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Tips for managing your data


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Ways to monitor your usage:
  • 1) Flow will text a message when you have used 75%, 95% and 100% of your data.
  • 2) Log on to My Flow to check data usage.
  • 3) Android phones include a data usage feature that allows you to set a warning and shut off for data. Ask a member of Flow staff to show you how.

What to do if you are getting close to your data limit:

  • If you exceed your data limit you will begin to incur data overage charges of $0.31 per MB. You can avoid the risk of incurring data overages by adding data bolt-ons to Pre-paid plans or Post-paid plans.
  • Visit the store or call the call centre on 1-800-804-299 to add a data bolt-on to your plan.

Tips and suggestions to use less data:

  • ATT's signal from St John is powerful enough to reach BVI in some areas. If your phone is set to automatically pick up networks there is a risk of it selecting ATT's St John signal resulting in roaming charges when you have not left BVI. In order to avoid this scenario, iPhone users should ensure that Data roaming is switched off, even when here in BVI. Samsung users should enter Settings > Mobile Network > Network Operators and select "Search Networks".
  • Disable auto-play on Facebook - This setting can be accessed from the menu on the top section of the application screen. Select Settings > General > Video autoplay and choose Never play video automatically.
  • Data feature - Is a built in data monitoring feature for Androids. Customers can set a data limit for their devices to shut over or warn them once they have reached their data allotment amount. To access this feature on Androids go to Setting > Data Usage > turn on Set mobile data limit. Set the Billing cycle and desired data warning limit.
  • Disable Wi-Fi Assist (iPhones) - Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches to cellular data when the Wi-Fi connection is poor, to disable this feature to go Settings > Cellular > Scroll to the Bottom > Switch Wi-Fi Assist off.
  • Updating apps over Wi-Fi - Updating apps over Wi-Fi can save on customers mobile data. This can be done for both Android and IOS devices. Androids, openPlay Store > Go to Menu > Settings > General >choose Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. IOS go to Settings > Tap iTunes & App Stores >Switch Use Cellular Data button off.
  • Closing out background apps - Apps can use data and battery if they are on in the background although you are not actively using them. To close out apps from the background the customer; Androids, tap the applications button on the bottom left corner of the device and select close all. IOS tap the home button twice and slide each application upwards to close.