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SMS Messages Opt Out

Flow in BVI has an obligation, under s.18 of the Telecommunications Act, not to disclose any confidential, personal and proprietary information of any of our customers to a 3rd party.

In line with our privacy policy, available on our website, we will only collect your personal data, for direct marketing purposes, with your consent. The type of data we collect may include your mobile phone number, your name, postal address and email address. We also store information in relation to services you try or purchase in order that we can better develop products to suit you, our customer.

Flow BVI will not disclose or share your personal data with any other third party without your express consent unless this is necessary to provide the services or products which you requested when providing us with your personal data or as required by law.

Flow uses texts to notify customers of important information like data consumption, store closures and outages as well as sharing Government notices. We will also keep you notified of any offers and promotions that are applicable to your service.

If you do not wish to receive any marketing texts, please notify us via email to , including your name and the number that you wish to have removed from the text list. Or you can call our Customer Care Centre at 18008042994 or you can WhatsApp Message our Virtual Retail Store at 544-4444 to notify us.

Please allow 3 days for the change to be implemented.

Opting out is not available for Government notices, notices pertaining to your account, like payment notices or data usage notifications, messages relating to National Security and Public Service Announcements.

If you continue to receive text messages once you have opted out, please notify us on so that we can investigate and rectify.

If we have failed to make the necessary changes within 20 days, you are entitled to file a complaint with the regulator via