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"To ensure that the fault is not internal, you should test the telephone-related devices on the inside of your premises. Devices connected to your telephone line - fax machines, computer modems, satellite TV systems, broadband or ADSL connections, home security systems, and other devices - are often the cause of a telephone service outage.

Follow these simple steps to test the telephone-related devices inside your residence:

Step 1: Unplug all telephone-related devices from the telephone jacks, starting with the equipment that is also plugged into the electrical outlets. After all devices have been disconnected, wait one minute and then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Plug a working telephone instrument (ideally one that is not cordless or one that does not require connection to an electrical outlet) into the Customer Service Port on the NID outside, and test for dial tone. If you hear dial tone, unplug the telephone instrument and repeat the same process until you have tested each telephone jack. If you have more than one telephone, continue this process until you have successfully tested each instrument.

Step 3: Reconnect each telephone-related device - if you do not hear dial tone on a device, or if there is static, the problem is most likely associated with that particular telephone, jack, or telephone-related equipment. Disconnect and repair or replace the problem device.

If there is no dial tone, report the issue by chatting online with an agent or using the ""Contact Us"" pages of this site."