Flow To Go App - Installation Manual

Initial Set up

  1. Download the Flow To GO App from your device's app store.
  2. When registering for the first time you have two options to log into Flow to Go. Email or Phone.
  3. If registering via email please be prepared to have your most recent Flow Bill and/or account number readily available.

Registration with your Mobile number

When registering with your Phone Number

  1. Enter your Name
  2. Select your Region
  3. Enter your phone number associated with your Flow Account
  4. Create your password

Registration with E-mail

When registering with your Email

  1. Enter your Name (as it will appear on the App)
  2. Enter your email that is currently on your Flow Account
  3. Create your password

Account Verification

After registering with your email you will be sent a 4 digit verification code to your email account which you will need to provide within 60 seconds of the on screen prompt.

Account Linking

  • After confirming your email, you will be prompted to link your account.
  • Select from the following services you subscribe too and enter in your phone number associated with the phone number.
  • Follow the remaining on screen prompts and you will now have successfully linked your account.
  • You will now be able to log in and go to the home screen to access all Flow to Go features.