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If you wish to adjust your internet package, contact our call center at 9363, e-mail us at or visit us in store today.

The Tourist SIM has a validity of 30 days; after the 30-day period, a new SIM must be purchased. It is not possible to activate any regular Data, Talk or Combo bundle on the Tourist SIM.

Your remote can operate up to five devices, including cable set top terminals, televisions, VCRs, DVDs and audio for CD players. Other special features include:

  • Memory Guard®: Eliminates reprogramming after battery changes.
  • Time Out: Shuts remote off if any button is pressed and held for 45 seconds. This extends battery life in the event the remote becomes lodged under or between heavy objects.
  • Reset: Lets you reset your remote to its original default settings. To do this press, the CABLE and OK button together and hold both buttons down until the CABLE button lights up. Then press MENU, then MENU again. The CABLE button will blink and go out.

Plan di Komprenshon (Blue Plan) has been created for customers, whose accounts are about to be terminated. With Plan di Komprenshon, Flow gives customers an extra chance to pay an overdue balance without losing services completely. They will receive a special package with minimum speed, channels and/or fixed voice plan at no costs.

Flow’s VOD is an advanced service designed to enhance your television experience by enabling you to select and watch video content of your choice on your TV. VOD offers a wide range of programs including feature films, new releases, TV series, kids/family programming, concerts, and music videos. Local and adult content is also available to customers at their convenience. With VOD, you have all the functionality as a traditional DVD player when viewing movies from the VOD library; namely, Fast Forward, Rewind and Pause.

Residential accounts will get a late fee of 5.30 NAF (including OB) and Business Cable modem accounts will get a late fee of 10.60 NAF (including OB) when the invoice is not paid on time. Please note that for Enterprise customers (Columbus Business Solutions) other fees are applicable.

Yes. This allows you to decide and manage what is appropriate for viewing by your children. It enables you to restrict the viewing of certain channels, movie types, cloud video recordings, content, and time periods.

Your mailbox number is your 11-digit local telephone number assigned by Flow, starting with 5999. So, if your phone number is 789-2789, your mailbox number is 5999-789-2789.

Here’s a list of things to check:

  • Make sure there's electricity going to the wall outlet where the phone base for is plugged in and check that the handset is charged.
  • Double-check that the phone is working properly. Try connecting a phone that you know for certain is working.
  • See if you've got a pre-recorded message on your phone about temporary suspension of service. If you do have this pre-recorded message, please contact Flow's Customer Care Centre at 9363.
  • If you still can't dial out, then please contact our Customer Care Centre at 9363.
You can access Replay TV through your television remote, by hitting guide, then option, and clicking “Replay TV”. Click here to learn more about “Replay TV.”

  1. Dial 12 followed by # from the home phone you wish to recharge or dial 0801-0101 from another home phone or Chippie number
  2. Press 2 for Home Phone Prepaid (or Telefásil)
  3. Key in the PIN on your TILIN card followed by # (e.g. 1234 5678 9789#)
  4. Listen to your new balance and hang up or press 99# to place a call.