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Please send us your payment proof so we can check your payment and correct this in our system.

The invoice period at Flow runs from the first of the month, for a complete month. When your installation is done in the middle of the month, your first invoice will contain the remaining days of the previous month plus the new amount for the coming month. We advise you to pay the remaining days of the first month after installation a couple of days after the install was done.

You can find below an explanation of everything that?s listed on your Flow bill. If you still have questions, please contact our call centre agents on +5999-789-3569 or visit us in person at our Flow Payment Office on the Fokkerweg z/n.

Your invoice is created on the first of every month. So if you made a payment after the first, it?s possible it hasn?t been processed by our system. Bank transfers also take a couple of days to process, so it?s possible Flow just hasn?t received the payment yet. This will automatically be corrected on your next bill. If you get your next bill and it still appears that you haven?t paid, please contact our call centre at +5999-789-3569 (Flow).

You can find our bank details on your Flow bill and in our Bank Locations section.

If you'd like to automatically pay your Flow bill every month, visit our Flow Payment Office to fill out and approve a standing order form. Our office is located at Fokkerweg z/n  our working hours are :

  1. Customer Service 8am - 7pm
  2. Payment Center 8am - 5pm
  3. Drive thru 8am - 8pm (swipe only) 

A "Late Fee" is an extra fee that will be charged to your account when your invoice was not paid on time.

From the day of the charge on your account (every 1st of the month) you have a payment term of 30 days to complete your payment. To cover for the administrative costs involved in paying too late this fee is in place.

This fee will NOT apply to customers who pay their bills in FULL on or before the due date.

Please make sure your standing order date is correct ? make sure your payments are made before the DUE date. In case you did pay your invoice too late and you are charged with a "Late Fee" you can pay this via all the possible payment options available. 

Residential accounts will get a late fee of 5 NAF (Excluding OB) and Business Cable modem accounts will get a late fee of 10 NAF (Excluding OB) when the invoice is not paid on time. Please note that for Enterprise customers (Columbus Business Solutions) other fees are applicable.

Late fees will be applied from August 1, 2014. If you have any balance overdue on that date you will be charged with a late fee. This will be applied on every 1st of the month when you have an overdue balance.


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