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Dear Customer:

From all of us at Flow, would like to thank you for trusting us with your connectivity and entertainment needs. We take this responsibility very seriously and as a result, despite the rising costs of most goods and services, we have managed to avoid increasing our prices over the past 5 years and instead, created new home and mobile service bundles which reduce the combined price of these services for our customers.

We have worked hard to run an efficient business and keep our costs down even while investing continuously in our network to improve speed and reliability, and adding more value with innovative products and services such as:

  1. Upgraded our network and increased download speeds for a better overall experience.
  2. Launched Paramount+ with over 9000 hours of new originals, exclusive shows, blockbuster movies and more.

In order to sustainably and effectively serve you by continuing to invest in our network, our people and latest technologies and services we must make a small increase in our prices.

On May 1st 2023, our prices for all Internet, TV and Bundle customers will increase by no more than 5%.*

We also invite you to check out our new Internet, TV and Bundle plans that may better suit your needs.  

We are proud to operate the strongest, fastest and most reliable network in Curacao and we want you to know that we will continue to work to equip you with the very best value and service experience. Like you, we’re all riding this wave of economic instability and we are committed to doing all we can to minimise the effects on our products and services as they are vital to our everyday lives.

We are always here to help. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us by calling 9363

Thank you for choosing Flow.


*Voice is excluded from any rate increases.

Here’s a list of things to check:

  • Make sure there's electricity going to the wall outlet where the phone base for is plugged in and check that the handset is charged.
  • Double-check that the phone is working properly. Try connecting a phone that you know for certain is working.
  • See if you've got a pre-recorded message on your phone about temporary suspension of service. If you do have this pre-recorded message, please contact Flow's Customer Care Centre at 9363.
  • If you still can't dial out, then please contact our Customer Care Centre at 9363.
You can access Replay TV through your television remote, by hitting guide, then option, and clicking “Replay TV”. Click here to learn more about “Replay TV.”

  1. Dial 12 followed by # from the home phone you wish to recharge or dial 0801-0101 from another home phone or Chippie number
  2. Press 2 for Home Phone Prepaid (or Telefásil)
  3. Key in the PIN on your TILIN card followed by # (e.g. 1234 5678 9789#)
  4. Listen to your new balance and hang up or press 99# to place a call.

  • Online via online banking (direct deposit)
  • In-person at our own retail locations. Click here.
  • In person at a 3rd party location. Click here to find locations.

Click here for more information regarding how and where to pay your bill.

Paperless billing is free for all customers. Printed bills will include a cost of 5 ANG.

Using your credit card, Top Up from the comfort of your home or send credit to loved ones so they can stay connected. Click here to Top Up Now.

Cloud video recording allows you to record and playback television in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD), play a recorded program even when the program has not ended, skip, fast forward, pause and delete a recorded program or series. You can also record multiple programs when watching another program and even when the television set is turned off. You can also view free previews of TV programs.

Your 3G phone and other 3G devices will no longer work on the major mobile carriers in the USA as a result of the decommissioning of their 3G technology which will be phased out across the networks during 2022. This will be effective as at the following dates:

NetworkTermination Date
AT & TFebruary 22, 2022
T-MobileJuly 1, 2022

The Technician will hand a self-installation kit to the customer at their door and exit the external premises.

No, you cannot combine individual services into your own bundle. For your convenience, we have already made exciting bundles that bring you great services and value. Visit our bundles page to learn more here.

Chippie’s Hybrid plans allow you to get the best of mobile postpaid and prepaid services combined. You get full control over cost with no overages and the peace of mind of a postpaid plan. It’s a combo bundle that will cater to all your connectivity needs with no surprise overages. Visit us here to learn more about our hybrid plans.


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