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The modem is not a router so there's no configuration page available. The modem's sole purpose is to issue IP addresses, so no other configuration is possible.

Yes. You can sign up for Flow with a wireless modem for an additional fee of NAF 53. If you're already a Flow customer, you can switch your regular modem at the Flow Office at the  Fokkerweg z/n (Santa Martha Building) for a Wi-Fi modem for an additional fee of NAF 53 (incl OB).

Signing up is easy. Contact our call center and speak to an agent any time. They're available every day from 8am - 7pm. The number is +5999-789-3569 (Flow). You can also send us an email through our website or Facebook page.

If you have Flow internet services, you're entitled to your own webmail account with an extension. To get yours, contact our call center at 5999 789 3569 or send us an email through our website and we'll get you set up. You can log in to Flow webmail by clicking the login link on the bottom of every page on the Flow Curacao website. It links to

Yes. You can order Flow's broadband Internet service without ordering Flow's Cable TV service. You'll just need to pay the installation fee.

No, you don't need a telephone line for Flow's internet service. We'll install a cable modem and that's all you need for our blazing fast internet service.

Yes. You can switch your computer or router, but you must press the reset button on back of the modem before your new device can connect to the internet. Please note: If you have a static IP address assigned by Flow, you'll need to contact us so we can also assign it to your new device. Once we make that change and confirm it for you, you'll need to reset your modem before connecting to the internet.

No. You won't need a special computer, but you computer or router will need an RJ45 Ethernet port (known as a network interface) so it can connect to the Flow cable modem.

Yes. You can share a single Flow internet connection between two or more computers. You'll need a router that all the computers can communicate with, either wirelessly or wired (with network cabling).


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