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No, you can only record TV programs or series that are included as part of your subscription service. VOD is a pay-per-use service and we are unable to facilitate recordings of these programs.

No, both platforms cannot co-exist within the same home on the same account.

You will only be required to have a television. All other devices are provided by Flow. An HDTV is required to enjoy the High Definition content. Should you have a regular television set; all other features will still be enabled.

While existing customers have the option of determining whether or not they subscribe to FLOW TV Service, all new customers will be automatically signed up with the FLOW TV Service.

Yes. One of the Enhanced Customer tools on the FlowTV is the Parental Control. This allows you to decide and manage what is appropriate for viewing by your children. It enables you to restrict the viewing of certain channels, movie types, cloud video recordings, content and time periods.

For those customers that require more hours of video storage, there are optional package tiers. Click here to visit our additional packages.

Through cloud technology and enabled via a Set-Top Box, Cloud Video Recording allows you to: Record and playback television in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD); Play a recorded program even when the program has not ended; Skip, Fast Forward, Pause and Delete a recorded program or series; Record multiple programs when watching another program and even when the television set is turned off; Free previews of TV programs

An advanced video service that allows you to select, purchase and watch programs from hundreds of movies including blockbusters premieres, library titles, TV series, adult content, music videos and family programming. Customers can quickly navigate through folders and titles; Easier search for shows: by title name, actors and other information; Movie trailer can be viewed before purchase; Purchases made on a particular Set-Top Box (STB) can be seen on the other STBs in the house without the need to repurchase.

Improved on-screen navigation with the use of colorful icons and text; A translucent menu which allows you to see and hear content while navigating; Easier search for content; Play from Beginning feature, which allows you to restart a program that is currently in progress.

High Definition (HD) Channels are a standard part of the Channel Line Up for each package. Check our channel line-up for more information.


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