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In simple terms, FLOWTV represents Flow's latest technology, where we provide you with access to a digital IPTV television platform. This service allows you enhanced viewing, programming, interactive features and capabilities.

You're welcome to change, add, or remove a package any time you want. Just contact our call-center agents at +5999-747-6373, e-mail us at or visit our Flow Office at the Kaya Angel Leanez.

You've got two choices: an HD set top box or a Personal/Digital Video Recorder (PVR). Some installation charges for each type of set top box will also apply.

Yes. There are several HD channels to enjoy in different packages. Browse our packages for details.

There are so many advantages of digital cable TV. Here are just a few: Digital cable television delivers a clean video signal so you enjoy better picture and sound.

You have more control over your TV-watching through an easy-to-use on-screen programming guide that lets you browse listings while you watch a show. We can offer you better variety in programming and more video and audio channels. If you have a high-definition-capable TV (HDTV), you can enjoy HD programming, the highest quality video and audio around.

You can watch your favorite shows when it's convenient for you. Take advantage of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) services and/or Personal Video Recorder (PVR) services to record shows to watch later. You can pause and rewind these shows while you watch. Customize your own theme packs to enjoy your own personalized programming.

Digital cable television is a new way for Flow to deliver TV services to your home. Digital cable lets you, the customer, interact with your TV and order shows and services through your remote control. It lets us, the cable company, offer you more variety in your programming because we have access to more Standard Definition (SD) channels and High Definition (HD) channels. These are all things you can order through your remote.

If you are having trouble with your VOD service, please contact a Flow Customer Service Representative at +5999-789-3569 (Flow). We are available between 7AM - 11 PM.

No. Customers who have upgraded to FLOW TV Service cannot revert to the digital platform. When you have a hard disconnection or request a relocation, you will be re-installed with the new Flow TV Service.

Initially you can have up to 4 setup boxes and 1 modem within the house. Should you require any additional boxes, then an amplifier is required. An amplifier simply allows signal quality standard to be guaranteed to all sets at your premises.

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