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Paying your bill is easy

The fastest and easiest way to pay your bill is with automatic payments directly through your bank. Choose the payment option that’s right for you.

Online Banking
Standing-Order Standing-Order
Standing Order

Online Banking

With online banking options like direct debit and recurring payments through your own bank, you can pay your bill from the comfort of your home.

Recurrent Payments

Avoid late payments with autopay or recurring payments through your bank.

RBC Royal Bank NV8000000011063258
Banco di Caribe NV15434603
Maduro & Curiels Bank87017107
Orco Bank NV10185210400100101
SFT/Vidanova Bank001157810000
CIBC First Caribbean Bank1003350

Standing Order

With a standing order you will instruct your bank to pay a fixed amount to Flow, at regular intervals (say on the 31st of the month). Please contact your bank for more details to apply for a standing order.


Pagafásil is a PSB Bank service and offers customers different locations to pay their bills. Pagafásil Kiosks are easily identified by the Pagafásil logo. For more information on this service and an overview of the Pagafásil locations, please visit the Pagafásil website.


With over 100 Pagomátiko locations conveniently located all over Curaçao, you can now pay your bills and recharge your pre-paid phone 24 hours a day (at selected merchants), 7 days a week. For more information on this service and an overview of the Pagomátiko locations, please visit MCB’s Pagomátiko website.

Check your invoice balance

There are several options for you to check your Flow invoice balance. Make your payments
accordingly before the due date, in order to avoid any inconvenience!



SMS your invoice account
(contract number) to 1122.
Only for Chippie users.


Online Check Tool

Go to
and fill in your invoice account
(contract number)



Go to, login to your
miKuenta account and choose
the concerning contract


Useful tips

For an accurate and
timely payment process

  1. Include only your account number as a reference when making
    payments. Your account number can be located in the blue
    section on the top right corner of the 1° page.
  2. Pay your invoice by your bill due date located in the top corner
    of your bill.