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Hybrid FAQs

To access our Hybrid plan: Sign up in our retail stores or via our virtual store, request this great Hybrid option that gives you all the value with budget control.

Currently, the Hybrid Mobile Solution is available for our single plan only.

Yes, a bill will be generated on the 28th and sent to the customer every month.

You will be required to top-up with Prepaid credit to continue making calls or purchase a data plan for data related activities.

If you disconnect your Fixed services you will miss out on the great value received when you have all your services with Flow. You will no longer benefit from your 50% mobile discount and Hybrid Benefits on your mobile, you will now be reverted to a classic prepaid.

Our Hybrid plan gives you budget control, best plan and prices in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. You will benefit from
• The great price of $55.00 when you add mobile to your Fixed Bundle
• One flat charge per month, no surprises
• No Deposit
• No store visits necessary for customers with an existing FLOW Prepaid SIM Card, upgrade is done remotely
• For customers who require an instore visit – appointments are available to minimize your waiting time and keep you safe
• Seamless Porting process for Digicel customers moving to FLOW.

No, 494/493 can only be used for postpaid services. Only services with prepaid prefixes are eligible for Hybrid.

If you have an overdue balance then:
• After 25 days your service will be barred, your benefits will be suspended and unable to use your plan benefits that include voice, text and data. You can recharge and use PAYGO voice and text services + bolt-ons. In this suspended state PAYGO call rates will be the same as a classic prepaid.
• After 60 days past due, your account will be automatically unsubscribed from Hybrid and revert to the classic prepaid offer, where you will lose the benefits of this plans. If you wish to return to this plan in the future, you will need to clear your outstanding balance and request reactivation of the Hybrid service via any of our Sales Channels.

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