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If there is no update, it means that you are on an older SIM card. You are not required to change your SIM card, however your phone will display LIME until you do. If you wish to change your SIM card then you may visit a LIME or Flow location to do so.

You must restart your phone. If you are out of network range the updates will take effect once you reconnect and your phone will reflect Flow. Otherwise, the next time you are out of our network range the settings will automatically be pushed to your device and display Flow when you’re back on network.

On return to your home location, the settings will automatically be pushed to your mobile device and reflect Flow

No, until further advised there will be no change to your service.

The fact is, and ECTEL has confirmed, that CWC does not need approval to merge in these markets. Consequently we are moving ahead with the launch and rebranding to Flow in all of our markets across the Caribbean.

The changeover will take place over the next 7 days from today through 29th March 2016

Based on the merger of Cable and Wireless Communications and Columbus, we launched our new consumer brand, Flow. As such we are in the process of a rebranding exercise to the new Flow across all of our markets in the Caribbean.

To ensure that the fault is not internal, you should test the telephone-related devices on the inside of your premises. Devices connected to your telephone line - fax machines, computer modems, satellite TV systems, broadband or ADSL connections, home security systems, and other devices - are often the cause of a telephone service outage.


Follow these simple steps to test the telephone-related devices inside your residence:


Step 1: Unplug all telephone-related devices from the telephone jacks, starting with the equipment that is also plugged into the electrical outlets. After all devices have been disconnected, wait one minute and then proceed to Step 2.


Step 2: Plug a working telephone instrument (ideally one that is not cordless or does not require connection to an electrical outlet) into a telephone jack, and test for dial tone. If you hear dial tone, unplug the telephone instrument and repeat the same process until you have tested each telephone jack. If you have more than one telephone, continue this process until you have successfully tested each instrument.


Step 3: Reconnect each telephone-related device - if you do not hear dial tone on a device, or if there is static, the problem is most likely associated with that particular telephone, jack, or telephone-related equipment. Disconnect and repair or replace the problem device.


If there is no dial tone, report the issue by chatting online with an agent or using the "Contact Us" pages of this site.

You can report a fault to our Customer Service team using the online Chat tool or by using the "Contact Us" pages. Alternatively you can email us customerservice@discoverflow.com and we will try to resolve your fault for you as quickly as we can.

We're sorry to hear you're thinking of disconnecting.


Please remember that there may be a minimum contract period for the service that you have depending on the particular product, offer or bundle.


If you decide to leave us within your minimum contract period, you may be charged outstanding line rental or monthly charges to the end of the contract.


If there is an issue that is the reason for your request, we want to work with you to resolve the issues so please use the contact us link above and we will start work on resolving the issues straight away.

If you have an incoming call while you are on the line, the Call Waiting feature will alert you. You may then put the first call on hold, while you answer your second call. It will greatly reduce missed calls due to a busy phone.




When a second call is received, you will hear a beep on the line.


To speak to the second caller, simply press the flash button for approximately on second. The second call will then come on the line.


When you have finished speaking to the second caller, simply press the flash button and you will be reconnected to the first caller.


You can alternate between calls by pressing the flash button each time.

You can talk to our Customer Service team using the online Chat tool or by using the "Contact Us" pages. Alternatively you can email uscustomerservice@lime.com and we will try to resolve your fault for you as quickly as we can.

If a customer is paying for Premium+ through their LIME bill and cancels their postpaid mobile account the Deezer subscription will be removed. Customers will be required to pay the final months subscription for the service and the subscription will be dropped back down to the free service at the end of the monthly cycle.

If a customer does not have sufficient balance to renew the subscription they will get an SMS notification advising that the plan has been cancelled and they will be dropped back down to the free service. Customers will then need to re-subscribe to the service once they have sufficient credit.

Each month Prepaid customers will get an SMS the day before the renewal is due advising that the subscription is due to renew the next day and advise the amount of credit that will be debited. If a customer wants to cancel the service they can do it before the renewal takes place and they will drop back down to the free subscription model.

Deezer offers customers two types of subscriptions, free and Premium+. The features customers receive differ between the two subscription models with all of the enhanced services being made available with the monthly paid subscription product.

The Deezer Premium+ service is an enhanced product from Deezer which customers pay a monthly subscription for.

Customers can update their 'connected devices' under the My Account section when logged into Deezer.

If customers sign up to the Deezer music application and stream music over 3G/4G then it will come out of their data allowance. Customers can also stream the music through Wi-Fi which will not come out of their data allowance.