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FLOW customers will have accessto over 1000 apps for free on their iPhone.

There is currently no specific Apple store for this region, however, it is estimated that an Apple Store for the Caribbean will be facilitated by Apple by September 2011.

To access to the free apps, you need complete the registration process to obtain your Apple ID.

As it stands currently, Flow's iPhone customers do not have access to purchase music from the iTunes store. Apple is working to obtain the relevant rights to make this possible.

Video calling is currently not supported on Flow's mobile network; however, you can make iPhone to iPhone calls using Facetime.

Facetime is video calling software for iPhones; the service is available using WiFi. Once you have access to WiFi, video calling can take place.

The iPhone does have this capability, on Flow's Network this capability only exists in 3G or 4G areas.

Note, however except in Jamaica, the Flow's network support does not currently support data and voice calls simultaneously.

Voice calls will get priority over data sessions, so a data session will be interrupted (put on hold) in order to deliver a voice call.

Go to :-Settings : General : Network : cellular Data Network Cellular Data

  • APN : ppinternet / internet MMS
  • APN : ppmms / multimedia

Unfortunately Flow do not currently offer tethering on its network using an iPhone. We hope that it is something we can deliver in the future.

You can get support for your iPhone online 24 hours a day from our dedicated iPhone experts between 7am & 11pm by calling toll free +1-800-804-2994 and by selecting the iPhone option on the automated service.

You can also check the apple site

Yes. iPhone handsets out of warranty will be forward by FLOW to Apple for repairs. Note, however, a standard charge of US $199 is required for assessing fault on the device, this is to be paid upfront, and additional costs will depend on the nature of the repair.

iPhone is a mobile phone created by Apple. iPhone combines an iPod music/video player, a mobile phone, an internet web and email client, and a handheld application platform into one device. iPhone is intended to compete in the "smartphone" market.

Please refer to the Flow where you can input your details for follow-up once Flow has received new stock.