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No, mobile numbers can only be ported to other mobile service providers.

  • You will receive a bill for your usage up to the time your number is switched to the new service provider, and your service terminated with your current service provider.
  • If you have not completed a minimum required term of the contract with your existing service provider you may be required to pay the outstanding balance of monthly rentals due under the contract. You should investigate this carefully with your existing service provider before switching in order to avoid any surprises.
  • There are no charges for you to port your number. All porting (or switching) charges are met by the service providers.
  • But your current provider may charge for unlocking your handset once you have ported your number. You may wish to check with your current provider if handset unlocking charges will apply before you start the porting process.

If your new service provider fails to meet promised quality of service, then you can reverse the porting (i.e. port back to your previous service provider) within 14 days of your porting having been completed. After that period has elapsed, you may not port the same number again (whether to your previous operator or to any other operator) for sixty (60) days after the port has completed.

The NTRC and ECTEL has published information on number portability on their websites at Mobile Number Portability. For more information you may also contact the local NTRC email or telephone NTRC at +1 758 458 2035/452 6871 or ECTEL’s Facebook page, email or telephone ECTEL at +1 758 458 1701.

No. Your old service provider is not allowed to contact you during the porting process to try and persuade you to stay with them. Your old service provider is prohibited from contacting you with the intention or effect of encouraging you to return to them for re-sign up for their mobile/ cellular telephone services for a period of sixty (60) days following the completion of the porting process. However, your old service provider can contact you to recover outstanding payments.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) means you can keep your mobile phone number if you decide to change from one mobile service provider to another. Basically, it’s a service that allows you to keep your mobile number irrespective of your service provider.

You will be able to port mobile/ cellular number to another mobile service provider within each ECTEL island.

You will NOT be able to port your fixed or landline phone at this time. Fixed number portability will be launched at a later date once alternative fixed services are available in each ECTEL island.

You can only port numbers within the same ECTEL country and you cannot port numbers between different countries.

So, if you port (or switch) between service providers, you don’t have to go to the trouble of advising all your friends, family and colleagues that your number has changed – it stays the same.

  • Any post-paid mobile/ cellular customer whose number has not been barred or suspended from making outgoing calls, and also provided you have no more than one bill that has not been paid by the due payment date and are still unpaid or your outstanding account balance exceeds the deposit you have made to your current service provider.
  • Any pre-paid mobile/ cellular customer whose number has not been barred or suspended from making outgoing calls

Messages which have been sent to you, but not delivered, may be erased. You will lose your old voicemail, sms, mms and ancillary services, and you will need to set these up again with your new operator.

You will be able to use the ECTEL MNP service from the Monday 03 June 2019. The Mobile Number Portability service is available to all mobile subscribers within all ECTEL countries (Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent & the Grenadines).


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