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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) means you can keep your mobile phone number if you decide to change from one mobile service provider to another. Basically, it’s a service that allows you to keep your mobile number irrespective of your service provider.

You will be able to port mobile/ cellular number to another mobile service provider within each ECTEL island.

You will NOT be able to port your fixed or landline phone at this time. Fixed number portability will be launched at a later date once alternative fixed services are available in each ECTEL island.

You can only port numbers within the same ECTEL country and you cannot port numbers between different countries.

So, if you port (or switch) between service providers, you don’t have to go to the trouble of advising all your friends, family and colleagues that your number has changed – it stays the same.

You will be able to use the ECTEL MNP service from the Monday June 03,  2019. The Mobile Number Portability service is available to all mobile subscribers within all ECTEL countries (Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent & the Grenadines).

MNP is available to “post-paid” (contract) and “pre-paid” mobile customers of all service providers within the ECTEL region, as long as your number hasn’t been barred, or restricted, or suspended or reported stolen/ lost to the current provider.

“Post-paid” customers, porting may be refused by the current service provider if you have one or more bills that have not been paid by the due payment dates and are still unpaid or your outstanding account balance exceeds the deposit you have made to your current service provider.

“Post-paid” customers, will receive a final bill for usage up to the time your number is ported to the new service provider. “Post-paid” customers that have not completed the minimum required term of the contract with your existing service provider will be required to pay the outstanding balance of monthly rentals due under the contract after your number has been ported.

“Pre-paid” customers will not be able to transfer your credits to the new service provider’s network, when you port.

Some handsets may be locked to the current service provider’s network and will not work on another service provider’s network unless they are unlocked.

If your handset is locked to your current service provider’s network, this will not prevent you from porting your number to another service provider. However, you will not be able to use your new service with your existing handset unless you first arrange for it to be unlocked or purchase a new handset.

When you request porting, the sales person of your new provider will check if your handset is locked or not,so that you can decide whether to proceed with your porting request.

1.Go to the retail store or authorised dealer of your chosen new service provider to request a new mobile account, and tell them that you would like to keep your fixed or mobile number.
2.    The sales staff will help you check if your handset is locked or not so that you can decide whether to proceed with your porting request.
3.    The sales staff will ask you to complete an application form together with a “Porting Request Form”.
4.    You will be asked to provide: -
      a.   Proof of identity – government issued photo ID e.g.y a passport or driver’s licence, etc;
      b.    In the case of a post-paid account, a copy of a recent mobile bill; and
      c.    The working phone with the number you wish to keep.
5.    You will be asked to send a text from your phone to 77678 (7PORT). Sales staff will be able to help you to do this if required. Once you have sent the text to the dedicated porting number you cannot cancel or postpone your porting (switching) request. It must proceed to completion. 
6.    You will receive a text confirming that your request has been received.
7.    Your order will be processed, and you will be informed of its progress by text.
8.    Under normal circumstances your porting will be completed within one working day after you complete your request.  At that time your number is moved to your new service provider, you will receive a text message asking you to change to your new provider’s SIM card and your previous provider’s SIM card will stop working. During busy periods the port may take longer to complete. 
9.    When this happens, put the new SIM card provided by your new service provider into the phone you wish to use. If you are unsure how to do this, you can go into the retail store or authorised dealer of your new service provider and they will be able to help. Your service will only be briefly interrupted for the time it takes to insert the new SIM card from your new service provider and power up your phone.
10.    The process is complete. 


  • Your statutory or consumer rights are not affected.
  • Messages which have been sent to you, but not delivered, may be erased.
  • You will lose your old voicemail, SMS, MMS and ancillary services, and you will need to set these up again with your new service provider.
  • Your new service provider may not offer some services and features that you currently enjoy with your previous service provider.
  • Your friends and family may be charged differently when calling you after you port your number.Additional information on applicable rates may be obtained from your new service provider.
  • Pre-paid customers will lose unused credit balances held with the previous provider at the time the mobile number is ported and pre-paid customers are advised to use their credit balances before they port their number.
  • You should pay the final bill sent by your previous service provider within 30 days of receipt.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your new service provider, you can ask your new service provider to allow you to reverse the port within 14 days of your porting (or switching) request, known as the “Cooling Off Period”. Once the 14 day Cooling Off Period has expired you will not be able to make a new porting request for a further 46 days, i.e. 60 days in total after the completion of your previous porting request.

No. Your previous service provider is not allowed to contact you during the porting process or for 60 days after the porting process has been completed, to try and persuade you to stay with them.  

Once porting process is complete, your previous service provider is only permitted to contact you to recover outstanding payments. 

If you have any questions or experience any problems with your porting request then you should refer these to your new service provider who will be pleased to assist.
If you feel that either service provider has breached the terms of the mobile number portability service then you can file a complaint with your local NTRC office.

Frequently Asked Questions and further information about the MNP service can be found at:-
Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) means you can keep your current mobile (or cellular) telephone number if you decide to change from one service provider (or operator) to another within an ECTEL region country (Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent & the Grenadines). In short, it’s a process that allows you to change service providers without having to change your telephone number. So, switching between service providers won’t mean having to go to the trouble of advising all your friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients that your number has changed – it stays the same.