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Yes, once the name on the accounts is the same you are allowed to merge your reward points to make a purchase.

N.B: Flow recommends that you merge/consolidate your landline & mobile bill which is more efficient and convenient.

No, currently, this facility is unavailable and points earned on an account must be used by that account holder. In other words, you cannot share and/or transfer points to a friend or family member at this time.

Flow's billing systems will instantaneously be updated and points redeemed decremented from your loyalty points balance.

Flow recognizes that this occurs sometimes; as such we will recognize the actual date of payment. Of importance our systems accommodate two dates

  1. The payment date i.e. actual date of payment
  2. the posting date i.e. date file was transferred from an external agent to Flow.

This date is printed on your bill and is the date your bill amount becomes payable and overdue. This is located on page 1 of your bill.

Once bills are paid in full and on time (i.e. on or before your payment due date) points awarded will be automatically available for redemption.

Your bill will show points expired since the last bill; the field is labeled POINTS EXPIRED. Alternately you may visit the Flow Retail store or by contacting the Call Centre at +1-800-804-2994.

If you pay your bill with a cheque that bounced or was voided, the points which were awarded/ made available for that bill run will be automatically reset to PENDING. This will be reflected on your next bill statement and will not be made available until you have paid your bill in full and on time.

Flow Rewards loyalty points are valid for 18 calendar months after they were awarded to your account.

No, you may redeem your points at anytime once you meet the standard criteria. If you have insufficient points to make a purchase you must pay the difference of purchase price in cash.