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There are a few options to view your points:

  • Your monthly bill will display details of how many points are available for use.
  • Contacting the Contact Centre or visiting a Flow retail store.
  • Accessing our website at and click on My Account

When redeeming Flow Rewards loyalty points, the following must be adhered to:

  • Your account cannot be in a disconnected state, only accounts in working or default are allowed to redeem points.
  • A valid government issued photo ID card.

Loyalty Points may be redeemed at any authorized Flow retail store or you can redeem loyalty points for American Airlines® Advantage® Miles via My Account or

You would earn points on the amount listed as Sub Total or Subtotal on your bill statement, which is your total spend for the billing period less any applicable discounts. This would not include any previous outstanding charges listed on your bill


  1. Customers cannot earn partial points and points will be rounded to the nearest complete point in all instances.
  2. Points will be awarded on your total spend/charges after discounts and before taxes.

All points previously earned will be migrated/transferred to the revamped Flow Rewards program, these points will maintain their previous value of 1 point = $1 therefore the 100 points would be valued $100 (in local currency).

N.B: Points are redeemed on a First in First Out (FIFO) basis hence oldest points are redeemed first.

Your bills will display old points as a separate line item MIGRATED POINTS and the associated points.

Where your Account has multiple service numbers, you will earn loyalty points for the account. i.e. 1 loyalty point for every $25 (in local currency) billed to the account.

N.B. Points will be awarded on your total spend/charges after discounts and before taxes.

Loyalty Points may be used to purchase:

  • Mobile handsets
  • Accessories including modems
  • American Airlines® Advantage® miles
  • Bill Payment (valid in Barbados only until September 30, 2010.)

You will earn 1 loyalty point for every $25 (in local currency) billed to your account. Points earned for the current month are held in a pending state until your bill is paid. Please note, bills must be paid in full and on time.

N.B: The bill value used to calculate Loyalty Point excludes discounts or taxes.

No, once you have an active Flow postpaid account [Landline, Internet (Broadband), Mobile or Cable (St Lucia only)] you are automatically registered in Flow Rewards and receive loyalty points based on your usage of any of the services.


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