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With the Parental Control browsing modes, you can define browsing times and web sites that are suitable for your teenagers and small children. You can give your teenagers more freedom to browse the Internet while having tighter restrictions on your small children's online activities. You can create and set up the Parent, Teenager, and Small Child browsing modes either with Start-up Wizard during the installation.

  • Small Child browsing mode - The Small Child browsing mode is active after you have installed the product or restarted the computer. When the Small Child mode is active : Anyone using the computer can access only those web sites that you have specifically allowed. Access to the Internet is allowed only during the scheduled time. All the web sites that youhave allowed are listed on Parental Control Start Page that opens in the browser when the Small Child mode is active.
  • Teenager browsing mode - When the Teenager browsing mode is active : Anyone using the computer can access all web sites, except those that contain restricted or unwanted content, for example on drugs or adult material. Access to the Internet is allowed only during the scheduled time. If you have created both Small Child and Teenager browsing modes on your computer, tell your teenagers the password you created for the Teenager mode. When they enter the password, they can browse web pages that do not contain restricted material, and you have specifically allowed.

Note: If you turn Web Page Filter off, your teenagers can visit web pages and sites despite their content.

Exploit shields : Exploit shields protect your computer against vulnerabilities that have been found in programs installed on your computer. Exploit shields identify and prevent malicious web sites from using such vulnerabilities to, for example, force an unauthorized download that contains malware.

  • Process monitoring (in Deep Guard) : Deep Guard monitors and blocks attempts to load malware into your web browser. If the Browser becomes infected, the functionality of a trusted

Yes. Instant protection against new threats, viruses, worms and spyware Global protection in 60 seconds from first confirmation of a new threat. Our technology with instant recognition of both safe and malicious software enables lightning fast protection against new threats. In addition the updates several times a day to provide so you can safely use your computer enabling you a rich digital life. Protects your computer against hackers you can keep your private data to yourself with the personal firewall that stops hackers from breaking into your computer. Helps you stay free from spam email and phishing attempts. The software filters unwanted spam and email schemes designed to steal your private information as well as blocks access to suspicious and malicious websites. Low impact on system resources Optimized to provide optimal protection while using as little system resources as possible so you can enjoy using your computer while feeling confident and safe.

Flow Security Suite is a software application, which provides protection from online viruses and other malicious risk whiles on the Internet.

You must first apply for Broadband ADSL service. You can visit any of our Stores or Partner locations. You must remember to select the self installation option when applying for service. You will be provided with a self-installation kit. The kit may contain a self-installation CD that will walk you through the installation process, including connecting and setting up your ADSL modem. If no CD is present simply follow the instructions provided.

There are several things that you can do to try to fix the fault for yourself. These easy steps should get you back up and running quickly.

  1. Check line for dial tone
  2. Ensure all lines are filtered.
  3. Make sure bill is up to date.
  4. Ensure there are no outstanding reported faults for your telephone service.
  5. Reboot your modem - To do this Turn the modem on by pressing and holding the power button to the front for about 20 seconds. The power light flashes until solid green.
  6. If there is a problem with the modem, the power light is solid red - you will need to contact Flow to fix this.
  7. If the DSL light is off completely, then there is no line sync - you will need to contact Flow to fix this.

Still unable to access internet service? Why not chat to our agents, use the "Contact Us" pages of the website or email us.