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Activating the service ? Your account was billed $xx.xx. Your account will expire on [Date and Time.]

  1. Deleting a number from their Flow FAVES ? Your account was billed $xx. 1758XXXXXXX was successfully removed.
  2. Adding a number to their Flow FAVES ? [customer number] was successfully added.


Customers will receive a notification that the Flow Faves plan has expired. Calls to the customers Faves List will no longer be free. Customers will receive the following message on their handheld. Your Flow Flaves service has expired.

No. Customer will be notified only when their subscription actually expires.

YES. To do this customers must first delete a number from their Faves List and then add a new number. Numbers are deleted by dialing *127*0*telephone number#. Numbers are added by dialing *127*1*telephone number#. Customers can also make changes via USSD main menu, by dialing: . Remember, up to five numbers can be included in the Faves List. Note that a charge exists for deleting a number from the Faves List.

No. On attempting to add a sixth number the following message will be returned "sorry, your list is full"

No. Flow Flaves is only available as a prepaid mobile service.

Two plans exist for Flow Faves.To get the 7 day plan text FAVE7 to 145. To get the 30 day plan text FAVE30 to 145. The 7 Day plan costs US$10 and the 30 day plan costs US$30.

No. Flow Faves is only available as a prepaid mobile service.

Flow has a non reversal policy, but we encourage you to chat to one of our customer service team who may be able to help you. You can chat online or by using the "Contact Us" pages.

Adding an removing numbers is simple and is done via text. To add a number text FAVEA + 7 digit Telephone number to 145. If you wish to delete a number, text FAVED (space)7 digit number to 145. There is a charge to delete numbers. If you attempt to add a sixth number to Flow Faves then you will receive a text message advising you to remove a number before adding another. If you are unsure of which numbers you have on your Flow Faves then you can text FAVELIST to 145 and a message will be sent with your list of numbers. Customers must have a minimum of $0.01 on their core/primary balance in order to use Flow Faves. Except in Jamaica where the minimum balance is $1.00 JAM Dollar.