Discoverflow Study 2020 | Discoverflow

Keeping our students up-to-date with their education

At Flow we value our future generations. Therefore we are giving FREE Flow Study access to all students in Trinidad to Flow Study through July 1, 2020.

Additionally Flow Mobile customers will get access to the Flow Study app with no data consumption and will not affect their balance.


Flow Study offers:

  • Question bank and solutions with over 40,000 exam style questions and solutions for 35 subjects
  • 10 years of past paper solutions for over 17 subjects
  • Digital encyclopaedia with over 9,500 digital animations and simulations for four subject areas
  • Virtual science labs with more than 500 digital laboratory simulations for science subjects and skills gap testing for over 30 subjects
  • Additionally, you will also find kids' content: Animated series for younger viewers and k-8 content.
  • CSEC and CAPE material powered by On on One, the ONLY certified CXC partner.

See video for quick tips on how to register: