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prepaid combo plans faqs

Flow Prepaid


Q. What are the new Flow Combo Plans?


Plan Valid for Data Mins* Texts Price Dial
S 1 day 100 MB Unlimited $4.99 *244*1#
M 7 days 1 GB Unlimited $ 29.99 *244*2#
L 30 days 1 GB Unlimited $ 89.99 *244*3#



Q. What are the features of the New Flow Combo Plans?


  • Unlimited Flow to Flow mobile & Flow landline calls within all plans
  • Unlimited Flow to Flow SMS within all plans
  • More calls and browse for less spend – more talk-time & more dare



Q. How to activate Flow combo plans

A. Once customers have topped-up their mobile with sufficient credit, customers can dial *129# to select the desired combo plan from the drop down menu.

A. Customers can also dial the USSD code associated with each plan:

  • 1day (S) – dial *244*1#
  • 7day (M) – dial *244*2#
  • 30 day (L) – dial *244*3#


A. Customers can also activate a combo plan via the My Flow App.


Q. How will customers know that the plan has been successfully activated?

A. Once the combo plan has been successfully purchased, customers will receive a confirmation SMS message.


Q. When will the new plans take effect?

A: The New Flow Combo Plans will take effect on June 1st, 2017


Q. Will customers be notified before their combo plan expires?

A. Customers will receive a usage SMS if they have used up 75%, 95% and 100% of their combo plan before their plan expires.

A. Customers will receive a notification 48hrs before expiry for the 7day and 30day plans

A. Customers will receive another notification 24hrs before expiry for the 7day and 30day plans.

A. Customers will be notified upon expiry of all plans.


Q. When do the Flow Combo Plans expire?


  • 1day (S) plan expires 24hrs after the plan was activated
  • 7day (M) plan expires 7days after the plan was activated
  • 30day (L) plan expires 30 days after the plan was activated



Q. Will the remaining balance of the Combo Plan carry over after expiry?

A: No, customers must use 100% of their combo plan within the period. Once the validity of the plan has passed (1day, 7day or 30days), customers will have to activate a new combo plan.


Q. Can plans renew automatically?

A. Yes. Only 7day and 30day plans are automatically set to renew once the current plan period has ended


Q. Can customers deactivate auto renewal?

A. Yes. Dial *363*1# to deactivate auto renewal. Customers can now choose when to activate a combo plan.


Q. Can customers use Flow Combo Plans while roaming?

A. No. customers will be charged normal voice/data/SMS charges while roaming.


Q. Where can I get more information?

A. For more information please call 800 FLOW (3569), visit any Flow Retail Outlet, or chat with a Flow representative at