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Prepaid Super Combo Plans

Super Combo Plans


Introducing Prepaid Super Combo Plans

Unlimited WhatsApp is finally here! Our new Prepaid Super Combo plans are just what you’re looking for with unlimited messaging, video, voice, picture and file sharing. You’ll spend hours using your favourite app to stay connected with family and friends.

3 Day Super Combo

Unlimited WhatsApp Voice, Video, Messaging, File Sharing

500 MBs of regular Data

200 On-Net Mins

200 SMS


To Activate, dial *244*6#

7 Day Super Combo

Unlimited WhatsApp Voice, Video, Messaging, File Sharing

1GB of regular Data

1,000 On-Net Mins

1,000 SMS

100 3rd Party Mins


To Activate, dial *244*7#

Subscribers can also activate the plans via the USSD menu:

Select Combo Plans

Select Unlimited WhatsApp Plans

Select the 3 or 7 Super Combo plan

*Fair Usage policy applies.

Q: What are the Prepaid Super Combo plans?

A: Our Prepaid Super Combo plans include all of the great features of the existing 3 Day (Small Combo) and 7 day (Medium Combo) plans, PLUS Unlimited WhatsApp Voice Calling, Video and File Transfers:

Subscribers pay just $1 more a day than they would on a regular 3 day plan, or $0.71 more on the 7 day combo plan, but now enjoy unlimited WhatsApp features. Note: there is a Fair Usage policy on the WA usage.

Q: Why are we introducing new plans with WhatsApp Features?

A: We recognize that our customers are increasingly using WhatsApp as their preferred method of communication. And as such, we want to make it easier to access all WhatsApp features at one low price. There is no longer a need to worry about eating up regular data when making WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls, sending pics, videos or messaging.

Q: Is there a Fair Usage Policy on WhatsApp features?

A: Yes. Subscribers on the 3 day plan will have up to 1GB of WhatsApp usage, while subscribers on a 7 day plan will have 3GBs of WhatsApp usage.

Q: Will my plan automatically renew?

A: Yes, both the 3 day and 7 day Super Combo plans will automatically renew.

Q: Can I stop the auto renewal?

A: Yes. To cancel the auto renewal function, simply dial *363*1#.

Q: What happens when I’ve reached the 1GB or 3GB of WhatsApp usage?

A: You can still use the regular data (500MB or 1GB) to access WhatsApp features.

Q: How many calls can I make with the plans?

A: If you’re using all of the WhatsApp allotment (1GB) to make WhatsApp Voice calls, that’s over 100 hrs of talk time on the 3 day plan (at 166 kilobytes = 1min voice call). Messaging uses less kbs while Video uses more. Sending videos, pics would depend on the size of the file. For e.g., if you’re sending videos that are about 3Mbs per file, then you can send up to 1000 of these files on the 7 day plan.

Q: Which will be deducted first – the data on the WhatsApp allotment or my regular data?

A: Your WhatsApp data allotment will be deducted first for your WhatsApp usage.

Q: What happens if I purchase another data or Combo plan?

A: if you purchase an additional data or combo plan, you will still be able to use your unlimited WhatsApp plan as long as it’s before the 3 day or 7 day expiry period.

Q: Will I be able to view my WhatsApp allotment usage?

A: Yes, you can dial *120# to view the amount of data remaining on your plan.