For calls within the roaming area, simply dial 1, the area code and telephone number. For international calls, dial the international (0 or 011) plus the area code and telephone number. For some cities, you may have to drop the 0 which comes before the country code E.g. for England, drop the 0 before the 44.

Accessing your voicemail is free and easy.

  • Dial and press SEND.The voicemail will say "Welcome to your voice message centre, I will be helping you to set up your own personal mailbox".
  • Press 8, Then 7 and the voicemail will say "Enter 4-10 digits for your passcode". When you have finished press the #.
  • Voicemail will say "Remember your passcode for the next time that you log in" and you are done!

No, this is a Bolt-on plan that can be added to your existing landline plan.

There is no contractual agreement for this plan. It is a subscription plan that requiresyou to request the service or terminate the service at your leisure.

No, Flow Mobile customers cannot subscribe to this plan as it is only available to landline customers. 

No, calls to Flow regional are considered out of plan hence you will be required to pay for these calls. 

Yes, this service will be billed monthly providing a request was not made by thecustomer to terminate the service whether the minutes are used or not. 

Yes, the IDD minutes will be pro rated to coincide with the charges.


The flat rate monthly charge will be posted on your telephone bill. The charge will be prorated in the first month depending on the time of the month you requested the service. 

The plan is only available to new and existing Residential landline customers.

You can record your own personal greeting when you set up your voicemail. If you have already set up your voicemail please dial , press SEND and follow the prompts to record your own greeting.

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