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Yes, this service will be billed monthly providing a request was not made by thecustomer to terminate the service whether the minutes are used or not. 

Yes, this service will be billed monthly providing a request was not made by the customer to terminate the service whether the minutes are used or not.

Yes, the IDD minutes will be pro rated to coincide with the charges.


The flat rate monthly charge will be posted on your telephone bill. The charge will be prorated in the first month depending on the time of the month you requested the service

This is a  Fixed Line International Bundled minutes plan for residential postpaid customers only with a Flow Fixed Line.  The customer can purchase a bundled of International minutes at a fixed monthly charge. These bundles can be used to call China, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, USA, Canada, and UK Fixed.

DescriptionActivation Code
To check your credit balance
Main Quick Access Menu
Check Data balance
My Mobile Number Inquiry
To transfer credit to someone's phone*128*Phone number*amount
To send a Please Call Me*126*phone number#

In a recently conducted survey 60% of our customers expressed interest in receiving eBills. Today, many of our customers have moved over to eBilling. You can too! Your eBill is available online, any day any time and its FREE.

Sign up for eBilling today and Save!

   1. Here's our step by step how-to sign up guide:

   2. Click on My Account at the top of the page. 

   3. Create a MyFLOW account and link all of your FLOW services.

   4. Click 'go paperless' to receive your free eBill.

Congratulations you have just signed up for paperless billing!

Understanding your bill shouldn't be complicated.

That's why we’ve upgraded your bill format to make it clearer and easier for you to understand.


1. Account and Bill Invoice Number If paying your bill by post, please include payment slip from the bottom of the bill or write the account/invoice # on the back of the cheque.

2. Bill Date - Your bill will include charges up to and including this date.

3. Primary Phone Number - This is the first number (mobile, fixed line or broadband) listed on the account for which you are being billed.

4. Total Bill - The total amount to be paid for the period including any outstanding payments from previous bills.

5. Usage Charges - If you have a mobile, fixed line, broadband or TV service they will all be shown here.

6. Account Charges- Details of other charges can be found in the summary of the later pages of your bill (e.g. connection charges, handset charges, late payment fees).

7. Discounts - This is your savings for the month which may result from any promotional offer or plan to which you subscribe.

8. Outstanding Charges - If you did not pay your previous bill balance in full an outstanding balance will be brought forward which may be overdue.

9. Service or Advertising Announcements - This is where FLOW will show any service related announcements or promotional offers on your bill.

10. Bill Due Date- When your bill needs to be paid. Late payments may result in disconnection.

VoicemailIf you miss a call, callers can choose to leave a voice message. 
Check voicemailRetrieve your voice messages.Dial
Call WaitingIf someone calls while you're on the phone, you can put the first call on hold while you take the second. 
Caller IDSee the name and number of the person who's calling you. 
Automatic Calling FeaturesDial a short code instead of dialing a full number. 
RecallRedial the number of the last incoming call.Dial
CallbackRedial the number of the last outgoing call.Dial

To set your Parental Controls, follow the steps below:

  • Once you have selected your password, you can now place channels under Parental Control.
  • Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll ENTER #2 Parental Control
  • Type in your password; Then press ENTER ENTER #1 Parental Control Guide
  • Use the CHAN keys to highlight the channel(s) you want to block
  • Press SELECT after each channel you choose to block
  • Repeat this process for as many channels as you would like to place under parental control
  • Press ENTER
  • Take off and then put on STB to activate the Parental Control
  • You have successfully blocked the channels you want under Parental Control.

    To set your Parental Controls password, follow the steps below:

  • Press the menu key on your STB or Remote Control and use the CHAN keys to scroll.
  • ENTER #7 Control Panel
  • ENTER #4 Set Password
  • ENTER # 1Parental Control
  • Enter your 4 digit password using the numbers 0-9; then press ENTER
  • Enter your 4 digit password again for verification; and press ENTER once more
  • Your password is now set

    Follow the steps below to help safeguard against damage during a hurricane:

  • Unplug your television from the electrical outlet on the wall
  • Cover your television in plastic and if necessary place it in a secure area in your home
  • Unplug your SET TOP BOX from the electrical outlet on the wall
  • Use the excess cable from the outlet on the wall and wrap it around the SET TOP BOX
  • Place your SET TOP BOX, excess cable and remote control in a plastic bag, doubling it for extra security
  • Secure your box against the wall until the passage of the storm

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