Rate Adjustment 2018

Dear valued customer,

Please be advised that we will be adjusting the rates for some of our residential products.

These adjustments are as a result of our continued investment in our network to provide LTE mobile technology, high-speed broadband and sophisticated television services. This investment also means that more Jamaicans, particularly in parts of rural Jamaica, will now be able to access and experience these and other advanced services.

As we upgrade and expand our network across the island, it also means building the capacity for future innovative services and products that will further connect communities and transform lives. We remain committed to delivering on this mission as well as providing our customers with the most optimal telecommunications experience.

Please feel free to call us at *100 from a FLOW Mobile Phone, landline or you may also call us at 1-800-804-2994 with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for making Flow your telecommunications service provider of choice.

Residential Fixed Line & Broadband Rate Change

Effective March 1, 2018. there will be an increase in the Monthly Rental charge for Residential Landline and Broadband packages.

Price Changes- Broadband
 Plan NameCurrent RatesNew Rates
ResidentialMega$ 2,550.00$ 2,750.00
Mega Plus$ 2,825.00$ 3,025.00
Mega Max$ 3,125.00$ 3,325.00
Mega Extreme$ 3,325.00$ 3,525.00
Mega Thunder$ 3,799.00$ 3,999.00
Mega Lightning$ 4,399.00$ 4,599.00
Ignite$ 3,799.00$ 4,299.00
Super$ 4,200.00$ 5,099.00
Turbo$ 9,000.00$ 10,099.00
Nitro$ 11,000.00$ 12,299.00
Browse & TalkBrowse & Talk Mega Plus Up to 2MB$ 3,150.00$ 3,350.00
Browse & Talk Extreme Up to 8MB$ 3,950.00$ 4,150.00
Browse & Talk Ignite 12MB$ 3,750.00$ 3,950.00
Browse & Talk Super 25MB$ 4,750.00$ 4,950.00
Broadband on Homephone PrepaidMega$ 2,830.00$ 3,080.00
Mega Plus$ 3,055.00$ 3,305.00
Mega Max$ 3,355.00$ 3,555.00
Mega Extreme$ 3,555.00$ 3,755.00
FLOWFlow Rock/Essential$ 3,799.00$ 4,299.00
Flow Rave/Plus$ 4,399.00$ 5,099.00
Flow Advance$ 3,250.00$ 3,450.00
Flow Surf & Chat$ 3,500.00$ 3,800.00
Browse & Talk Plus (4MB)$ 3,150.00$ 3,650.00
Browse & Talk Plus (12MB)$ 3,950.00$ 4,250.00

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