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FLOW Control

Our competitive prices in terms of prepaid phone services, are the easiest way to stay in control of how much you spend on national or international phone calls. You can also purchase phone credit in the form of a card or soft PIN at any of our Flow Retail Stores or Flow Credit Retail Merchants island wide. 

Use the one that you need:

  • Home Phone Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Just Talk International Calling Card

Available denominations
$100, $200, $300, $500 and $1000.

How to TopUp your Home Phone


Top Up your Flow Home Phone account with prepaid cards or vouchers. Wherever you go, whenever you want!

Instructions for former LIME accounts

  1. Scratch the shaded area on the back of the card with a coin.
  2. Dial 980-TALK (8255) on your prepaid number.
  3. Enter your landline prepaid number 876XXXXXXX
  4. Enter your security PIN (where appropriate).
  5. From the admin menu, press "1" then enter the PIN number printed on the back of the card.
  6. Listen for the confirmation message that your account has been credited.


Send credit home via FLOW or LIME retailers across the Caribbean in select locations.

  1. Give the retailer the amount you wish to Top Up along with the Flow Mobile or Landline number of the person you are sending credit to.
    Attention: The mobile number should be in the form 1876XXXXXXX.
  2. The credit is transferred electronically to the account.

You will need to be advised that credit was sent by the person paying for the credit overseas. You can then check the balance from your landline or mobile by dialing 980-TALK (8255).

VMBS in the USA only.


It's quick and easy to TopUp your FLOW Home Phone at any retailer, without the need for paper receipts.

  1. Give the retailer the amount you wish to TopUp along with the landline number.
  2. The credit is transferred electronically to the account.

You can check the new balance from your FLOW (formerly LIME) landline or FLOW mobile by dialing 980-TALK(8255).


You can also Top Up your Flow Home Phone account at any NCB ATM locations island wide.



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