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Sign up for Internet and get the same value of talk credit on your Home Phone for one monthly rate.

Browse & Talk


Browse & Talk

(Formerly LIME Browse & Talk)

Get the Mega Plus plan (up to 2Mbps) for $3,350 per month plus GCT and you get $3,350 talk credit to call FLOW mobiles and landlines (formerly LIME), FLOW Barbados, LIME Caribbean and other international destinations.

Get the Mega Extreme (up to 8Mbps) for $4,150 per month plus GCT and you get $4,150 talk credit to call local FLOW mobiles and landlines (formerly LIME), FLOW Barbados, LIME Caribbean and other international destinations.

Installation fee for Browse & Talk is $1,495+GCT.

There is no line rental charge associated with the Browse & Talk & Talk package.

  1. Talk credit can be used to call local FLOW (Formerly LIME Mobile and Landline), FLOW Barbados, LIME Caribbean* (Mobile & Landline), USA (Mobile & Landline), Canada (Mobile & Landline), UK (Landline Only), China(Mobile & Landline)**, India(Mobile & Landline), Spain(Landline Only).
  2. To make international calls, dial 103 before the number you wish to call. For USA, Canada & Flow Barbados and LIME Caribbean *Dial 103 + 1 + area code + your party's number Example: 103 1 954 999 9999 For the rest of the world Dial 103 + 011 + country code + your party's number Example: 103 011 44 209 999 9999.
  3. For calls outside of the Browse & Talk plan such as, other local mobile/ landline and international destinations, a JUS TALK Calling Card may be used.
  4. A JUS TALK Calling Card is also needed for any additional calls once the monthly allotted talk credit is used up.
  5. Account balances can be checked by dialing toll free to 1-888-429-5987.
  6. Bills must be paid on or before the due date to benefit from talk credit.
  7. Bill payment via a payment agency should be made at least 3 days prior to the due date.
  8. Allocated talk credit expires after 30 days.
  9. Talk credit is charged using the following rates per minute:


Browse and Talk Rates

Destinations Charge per Minute
FLOW Barbados & LIME Caribbean Mobile* $20.00
FLOW Barbados & LIME Caribbean Landline* $10.00
FLOW Home Phone (Formerly LIME) $1.05
FLOW Mobile $2.85
USA, Canada, India (Mobile & Landline) $11.00
China(Mobile & Landline) - excluding Hong Kong $10.00
UK (Landline Only) $11.00
Spain(Landline Only) $10.00

*LIME Caribbean destinations: Anguilla, Antigua (Mobile Only), BVI, Cayman, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Turks & Caicos.

GCT and Special Telephone Call Tax not included.


Browse & Talk Plus

(Formerly of Columbus Communications' Flow)

Enjoy download speeds of up to 4mbps plus 275 free minutes to call friends and family in Jamaica and overseas at a monthly fee of $3,650+GCT. Calls are applicable to the following destinations:

  • Local FLOW mobile and landline
  • FLOW Barbados, LIME Caribbean & Flow Caribbean (Excluding all Trinidad destinations)
  • USA (mobile and landline)
  • Canada (mobile and landline)
  • UK (landline only)
  • China (mobile and landline) - Excluding all Hong Kong destinations
  • India (mobile and landline)
  • Spain (landline only)

Calls outside of or exceeding the 275 free minutes will attract rates as per FLOW's standard rates for local and international calls. These call charges will appear on your bill.


Rates and prices do not include GCT.


Thank you for making FLOW your telecommunications provider of choice and for your continued patronage. For additional information, please visit our retail stores or call our Contact Centre at 100 (from any FLOW mobile or fixed line) or 1-800-804-2994.