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This is How We Flow


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Internet in Your Home

Connect with super fast speeds in your home + enjoy 275 free minutes on your Home Phone with FLOW Browse & Talk Plus for $3,150+GCT. Visit a FLOW store to sign up today.


1. This offer is available to new or existing post-paid Residential customers in areas where Flow’s service is available, who sign-up for a new Triple Play Bundle from April 1 – May 31, 2017. Standard rate billing for the Flow Sports Premier Pack is effective ninety (90) days after the package is installed on the customer’s account. If the customer does not wish to retain the Flow Sports Premier Pack and does not wish to be billed, contact must be made with Flow Customer Service at 1-800-804-2994, at least five (5) working daysbefore expiry of the ninety (90) day free period.

2. Existing Residential customers that are already subscribed to a Triple Play Bundle are not eligible for this promotion.

3. Customers that have unsubscribed to a Triple Play bundle within sixty (60) days
of the start date of the promotion, are not eligible for this promotion.

4. Existing customers who sign-up for a new Triple Play Bundle must have his or her account in good standing for all Flow services in order to be eligible for this offer.

5. Customers that sign-up for this promotion will not pay any Standard Installation fees for their Triple Play Bundle.

6. New customers signing up for Flow service are required to pay the firstmonth’s service fees
(inclusive of G.C.T.) for the service (s) –inclusive of any add-on packages or additional equipment etc. - ordered inadvance before their service (s) can be installed. New customers will only be scheduled for
installation when their payment is received by Flow.

7. A ‘sign up’ is defined as the customer having paid any applicable fees and the services being

8. If the customer becomes delinquent or is disconnected during the promotional period, they will
no longer be eligible for the promotional benefit.

9. Customers who sign up agree to pay the rates (inclusive of G.C.T.) applicable to that service.

10. This Special offer can be combined with any other Flow promotional offer as determined Flow.

11. Flow’s Terms & Conditions apply.

12. Flow reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer at any time.